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How to Make Professional Promo Videos

How to Make Professional Promo Videos

Modern-day artists and creators are facing an exceptionally competitive world, one that is packed with professional, fully-acclaimed musicians, and those with seemingly bottomless budgets to continue promoting their skills and talent. For those on a shoestring budget, however, creating memorable promotional materials takes exceptional skills and imagination, in addition to a few tried and tested tools. Promotional videos, in particular, are a must for aspiring musicians, especially when you’re up against a slew of recognized competitors in your industry.

In order to make your video content stand out, you should first create a strategy to make sure that each and every piece of content you create is true to your brand and reflects your talent properly. To help you create videos worthy of your musical expertise, we’ve assembled a list of tips to guide you through this creative process and make your videos more effective than ever.

Make the most of seasonal occasions

Making Professional Promo Videos

In addition to purpose-driven videos such as those that focus on the date you plan to publish your album, your single, or set up an online workshop, you should make the most of general seasonal occasions that give your content that special tone of voice. Think: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and similar celebrations that are relevant to your target demographic and your culture. 

Even adding motifs such as bell sounds, Santa hats, and fairy lights into your videos can be simple enough cues to make your videos more relevant for that particular season. If you want to remind your followers that you have a special discount during these festive times, all the more reason to use recognizable details that will bring your audience to your site.

Use trusted digital tools

Making Professional Videos tools

As with most aspiring artists, you most likely don’t have an entire team of music producers at your disposal, so you need to rely on your own creativity and skills to make your videos as appealing as possible. Luckily, you can actually use different digital tools that can transform your regular videos into visual works of art and match your brand personality with ease. 

You can give your videos that much-needed creative edge with imaginative music visualizers you can adapt to your own liking, to bring your audio content to life with animated templates. This is a fairly straightforward process, and you can focus on the other creative parts of editing to bring out your brand’s uniqueness and make sure your video content is on point. When you’re done, you can download your finished video in the full HD format to meet the needs of your audience and make your presence even more alluring.  

Your scripts should matter

Making Professional Videos scripts

The narrative of your music videos should be in line with your brand image and visuals. Although many promotional videos use short and sweet statements to accompany the music and the imagery, you should consider other options to expand your audience reach and keep your followers interested and curious. For example, some of the more successful options include using testimonials from your clients and students, while CTAs used in the right moment can actually invite more visitors to your channel. 

The wording you use throughout your video can reflect the lyrics of your songs, or alternatively, promote an event that you want to schedule in the future, be it an online workshop, a concert, or anything in between. Take your time to craft the right script for each video, and the effect will be all the greater. 

Analyze, improve, repeat

Analyse and improve videos

Every time you publish a promotional video, you have the opportunity to measure its effectiveness, reach, and audience engagement. This is precisely how you’ll make sure that all of your future creative efforts will be even better, since user data will point you in the right direction. You can compare and contrast previous videos to see the length, type of content, music used, and visual material that scored the highest among your followers.

Keep track of all of your published videos, as well as the channels where you post them and the timing, and you’ll have all of the key factors that can make or break your creative efforts. Based on the results, you should steer your video production towards the most effective of videos you can create. That way, even if some of your videos might not garner the attention you’ve wanted, the effort will not go to waste as you’ll learn something from each experience and move forward with your creative skills. 

Promotional videos are a gateway to greater visibility online and higher acclaim among your audience. More recognition and more engagement also means that you will gain a competitive advantage, which is a necessity today if you want to turn your creativity into a lucrative call or simply use it as a source of additional income. No matter the niche you belong to, make the most of your video material to promote your personal brand, to put yourself on the map, and slowly build up your online presence. 

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