5 Marketing Strategies to Help Your Business Grow Quickly

If you don’t believe that the right communication is essential for your company to sell, grow and succeed, then you would be very wrong. Marketing is the key to your business, and when it is done effectively, your company can go to the head of the class in terms of branding, promotion, value, future sales and customer interaction of your product or service. Our research shows that there are at least five marketing strategies that can make a difference now, so keep reading.

1. Hello, Social Media

It isn’t easy trying to grow a business, and when you need to get the message out and build momentum, consider heading to your laptop. That’s right; social media has been known to catapult an unknown product or brand into the stratosphere thanks to popular digital platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

Communicating via social media can be fun, creative and can help you zero in on the demographics you’re trying to reach.

Entrepreneurial experts call it “powerful marketing” when you post your thoughts, post about your product or service and develop and engage with a social media community.

Bring it to the masses, and share what you and your company are all about. Don’t ignore social media. It’s the modern way to attract potential customers.

2. Diversify Your Line-Up

You will see even longstanding, famous brands do this from time to time. For example, the iconic Oreo cookie first debuted in 1912, and today, believe it or not, there have been 21 new flavors introduced over the years. Nabisco recently announced that Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel Coconut Oreo cookies would become the latest flavors to start off the new decade.

The same should go for your business. In other words, expand your product line or add new complementary services to generate new interest and potential sales. Find ways to upsell and cross-sell to keep your company in the game and always growing.

3. Host An Event

For most of us these days, the majority of marketing strategies are created to tap into an increasingly digital world. By hosting a live event, however, you’re giving customers and interested visitors something different, albeit old-fashioned. They get to personally connect to your brand and see its image up close.

Event marketing can be an excellent method for driving sales and building customer relationships. You only need to look at the American Heart Association. As a famous, longtime organization, they believe that live events are critical to their nonprofit’s success and produce them because of it.

By combining both offline and online marketing strategies such as programmatic direct mail, you can create even more customer engagement for your business.

4. Know Thy Competition

When you own a business, you have to stay constantly on your toes because there is so much competition all around you. Your strategy is to outsmart and outdo your competitors, and the best way to achieve that is to know what they’re up to.

Take a look at a business similar to yours and one that’s growing like wildfire. Examine their online and offline models and the content they’re delivering to their customers. There are competitive analysis tools available to gauge what the “enemy” is up to, especially on the digital landscape and how they’re boosting leads and revenue.

For instance, there are search engine marketing tools that can reveal your competitor’s profitable keywords. You can export their keywords and begin to capitalize on market share.

5. Market Via Video

Seeing is believing, right? Well, creating videos for your customers is another effective strategy for growing a business fast. The Aberdeen Group did some research and found that video content really has an effect on those who see it.

According to the study, those companies that used video for their marketing strategy saw an annual 49 percent growth in revenue compared to those without video.

YouTube is just one vehicle for watching video and getting the word out.

If you own a business, growth is essential, and every successful company uses marketing strategies to get an edge. Try these five tips here; they all have value for a variety of industries and for businesses operating at different levels.

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