Why Optimized Webpage Videos Keep User’s Interested [Infographics]

When considering why people might be clicking off of a webpage, one of the first things to check is how well it loads. Website speed is important – especially when 46% of users are known not to return to a poorly performing website. In this digital age, digital marketing strategies focus more prominently on video content, and improperly optimized videos are just one of a few reasons a webpage could be slow to load and struggle to hold a user’s attention.

There’s a significant importance on having videos optimised for a web page, as 96% of shoppers make informed decisions via video content before buying. So, not only does producing video content matter, but it needs to look good – both in terms of quality and being able to load quickly. It’s essential for helping to deliver a higher potential for success in terms of sales, and cultivating a customer’s sense of trust in a brand’s quality. 

However, there’s more than one way to optimise video content. Optimizing for SEO is the next step to ensuring the content gets as many eyes on it as possible. Videos are appearing more than ever on Google search results, which is not surprising given that video captures the most attention as well as YouTube being owned by Google. Writing video transcripts, keeping titles concise with the appropriate keywords, and eye-catching thumbnails are all just a few ways to optimize videos for search engines – and they make a significant difference in helping a page to rank if done correctly! 

For more information on how to optimise video content for SEO rankings and ensure the best quality and speed, Website Builder Experts have created the following infographics. Check them out below: 

[Infographic] Why Optimized Webpage Videos Keep User’s Interested

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