5 Tips to Editing and Uploading a Video Online

Video editing is usually the last step before you upload your video online. However, it is time-consuming and requires tools, technical knowledge, and creativity. Editing ensures that your videos appear professional and more desirable. Here are five tips for editing and uploading a video online and having a video edit controller.

Use the Right Software

Choosing the right tools for the trade is the first step in improving your editing process. You can use various software to edit your videos, and you may find it overwhelming to choose the right one. First, you need to consider your needs and how you intend to use the software. The software should have all the editing tools and features that you need.

You also should consider your budget and price when choosing the video editing software. There are free video editing software and others that you pay for. Free editing software may not have all the editing features you need and can have a limited file format. Higher-end software may cost you a lot of money but offer many features that lead to high-quality videos. Other things to consider include ease of use, customer support, and special effects and filters.

Plan Your Story

It’s always advisable to watch all the footage before starting the editing process. This allows you to plan your story and envision how the final product will look like. Start with a beginning, work the body, and end with a conclusion.

Lack of prior planning can make your videos look unprofessional and lack good quality. Before editing your video, always have a purpose and define your objective depending on your target audience. You can also create a storyboard to write a script and form mini-scenes. This will also shorten the time you use to edit your video.

Telling a story will ensure that you make dramatically compelling and aesthetically pleasing videos. It also helps you effectively convey your message and evoke the right emotions from your audience.

Select Good Music and Prioritize Quality Audio

The audio quality of your videos is crucial as very few are willing to watch a video with poor or indistinct audio. Investing in quality microphones is the first step in producing quality video audio. Ensure you place the microphone close to the subject and eliminate any background noises.

Consider the music you want to incorporate into your video for a more dramatic effect. Music can be subtle or fundamental part of the video. The soundtrack should match the pace of the video according to the song’s structure.

Music adds ambiance to the video and should match the mood of the video. Whether you use a song or instrumentals can highlight key moments to trigger emotions. There are various sources of videos you can choose from, including a royalty-free music provider like Esports Royalty-Free Music. Here, you can get unlimited downloads of your favorite songs from all genres.

Use High-Quality Video

Even with the right editing tools, your video may not look professional if you use low-quality footage. Take the video using a high-quality camera and then transfer it to your computer. Your video may lose some quality during the editing process but starting with high-quality footage ensures the final product still looks professional. Try to keep the editing simple, as too many tweaks can lower the quality of the video.

Additionally, avoid filming shaky footage as it makes the video looks amateur. You can use a tripod stand to hold the camera steady or place it on a sturdy surface. Only move the camera when capturing different angles and changing perspective. Moreover, you can use video stabilization software to fix shaky footage.


Coloring is a crucial step in video editing as it enhances the video and improves its quality. Color correction involves adjusting editing tools such as contrast, brightness, and saturation for cohesive coloring across the entire clip. Color grading adds effects and filters to improve aesthetics and create a specific mood for your story.

Video editing allows you to tell your story and provide structure to your end product. You do not have to be a professional to produce high-quality videos. These tips and the right software can help your videos look more professional.

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