How to Transform Your Temporary Work-From-Home Office into a Permanent Workspace

During the COVID-19 outbreak, many of us were forced to shift from working in a traditional office setting to working from home, which led many remote workers to get by with temporary, makeshift workspaces. But as working from home slowly becomes a natural part of life, a large number of workers are deciding to continue with remote working even after going back to the office is deemed to be perfectly safe. 

If you’ve made the same decision, here are some tips and ideas, from gadgets and accessories to larger decor aspect, that will help you transition your temporary workspace into a permanent home office:

Invest in high quality furniture

When setting up your home office for improved focus, furniture is one of the most important aspects you should invest in. While the couch you used during the pandemic might have been comfortable, it does nothing for your concentration and productivity, and it might be quite damaging to your health as well.

Instead, it would be a good idea to invest in ergonomic furniture, such as a desk chair or computer chair that could reduce back and neck strain, while possibly improving your productivity as well. Standing desks are also thought to be a great ergonomic option for the office, but they’re not for everyone. A sturdy traditional desk with plenty of storage would be a great choice as well.


Pay attention to the background

Many workers around Europe and the US have taken meetings via video conferencing applications throughout the pandemic. Although such technology might be incredibly useful, this led to certain images and videos circulating around the internet of messy and disruptive backgrounds.

If you wish to appear more professional, and avoid having your colleagues look at unmade beds or piles of laundry, it pays to invest in your background. Whether you choose a neatly arranged bookcase, a decorative couch, or simply an accent gallery wall, paying attention to your camera’s line of vision will help both you and your coworkers stay focused while working at home.

Find creative storage solutions

One of the biggest challenges of remote working is separating your private and professional life, especially if you leave office material laying around your home, tempting you to pick up work during leisure time. Thankfully, dedicated storage solutions can be a great way to reduce clutter and stay organized, while improving your focus and productivity as well.

Apart from a desk with built-in storage, a portable filing cabinet can also be a great idea, allowing you to easily store and access your everyday essentials, as well as move the cabinet around the office as needed. If you don’t have much space for additional drawers, shelving units and on-desk file organizers can also be great storage solutions.

storage solutions

Incorporate warm area rugs

A small area rug is one of the best accessories you could incorporate into a home office. As long as you choose an option like beautiful rugs from Hong Kong in neutral colors and minimal prints, such a wonderful accessory will instantly add warmth, texture, and dimension to any space, while perfectly complementing the overall design of your office.

What’s more, a good rug made from natural materials can also be great for sound insulation and helping to prevent echoes in rooms with hard surfaces. A feature like this can be quite beneficial for any remote worker who makes plenty of calls and video conferences.

Let in some natural light

Natural light has the potential to make you feel more awake, increase alertness, improve focus, and boost productivity, all of which can be quite beneficial when working from home. For that reason, it would be recommended to position your home office near windows or other sources of natural light that can stay opened or uncovered throughout the day, if at all possible.

In case letting in plenty of natural light isn’t an option, you could incorporate some mirrors into your workspace to reflect the light that does come in, making your office feel more spacious and airy, or even choose warmer LED light bulbs that mimic the feeling of daylight.

Choose inspiring decor items

There’s no reason why your home office should have a sterile corporate look as well. If you wish to feel more comfortable, creative, and pleasant in your workspace, it might be a good idea to make your office feel more like home.

For instance, you could choose softer colors such as blues and greens to promote calmness and concentration in your workspace, or even incorporate fluffy throw blankets and fun decorative pillows to add texture, warmth, and a more personal touch to your office. From smaller succulents to larger houseplants, greenery can also be a wonderful option, adding a more organic feel to your space, while making you feel happier and healthier.

Wrapping up

While working from home might come with a number of new challenges, having a dedicated, well-designed home office can do wonders for your productivity and focus. Ultimately, any workspace that makes you feel comfortable and inspired is the right one for you.

By Derek Lotts

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