10 Secrets to Branding through Smart Devices that will uplift your Brand Image

Branding is all about brand awareness. Getting to know your brand can make your consumers gor for your brand more than ever before. But, do smart devices help upscale branding?

Building an audience for your brand is more than just going for direct sales according to 70% of brand managers. Smart devices are the most apt technological partners for a brand to create an audience. Most of the smart devices today are used for music streaming, finding information through voice, and even for controlling other intelligent devices.

Branding can surely benefit a smart device market that is set to cross shipments of over 3000 million devices by the end of 2020. With such a huge market, the brand reach can be increased exponentially. So, let’s look at some of the smart devices that can help you uplift your brand image.

1. Voice Commerce:

Voice commerce is mainly e-commerce done on voice-assistant type devices. In the US alone about 112 million people, which is the one-third population of the US will use a voice-assistant at least once in a month on any smart device.

Secrets to Branding through Smart Devices

Smart speakers are quite popular and that is the reason many brands wants to get associated with smart speakers. We already saw the resounding success of Alexa from amazon. 

 Branding through Smart Devices that will uplift your Brand Image

Smart speaker buyers in the US have been rampant about purchasing  from this piece of technology. Last year, 18.3 million people made purchases through smart speakers, which will cross the 23.5 million mark by 2021.

2. AR/VR:

Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality is not just a piece of technology anymore. It has become the ultimate experience for audiences and consumers. Brands are now using virtual reality to make product experience more engaging. 

Here, you can see how Toyota used a virtual reality experience to make the point that it is the most reliable automobile brand,

3. Mixed Reality:

It is the mixture of real and virtual reality to make a wonderful user experience. One example is very common nowadays, the mixed reality flyers that are provided on the social media image filters. Even some brands utilize it for marketing purposes.

On the Christmas festivities of 2011, Starbucks started a campaign based on mixed reality with animated characters popping up on starbucks cups to interact with consumers. It was really a successful campaign.

4. Wearable’s:

The wearable’s market is quite a popular trend. From giants like Apple, Samsung, and even IoT (Internet of Things) based small companies, everyone is counting on wearables. 

Graph for Branding through Smart wearable Devices

The wearable market revenues is set to cross $15,376 million by the end of this year. Wearables can be smartwatches, fitness trackers, Bluetooth headphones, and many other such devices. 

These wearables also need apps to store data and provide different functionalities. Brands are now using IoT-based technologies to develop such apps. Many brands are even looking for an app development company to develop mobile apps to connect to wearables through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technologies.

5. Smart Appliances:

Any household today needs many electronic devices. But, gone are the days when people didn’t care about power consumption from these devices. Today, there are smart appliances with Artificial Intelligence enabled technology. They not only save power but maximize the functionality by balancing the output.

Brands can leverage the unique abilities of these appliances to interact with their users. Smart appliances have chatbots and voice recognition technology. These capabilities can help brands increase their brand awareness among consumers.

6. Drones:

Think about drones delivering pizza? Dominoes Pizza did this in 2016 already. They started using drones for pizza delivery. This may seem an odd strategy, but it created more user engagement for the brand.

Drones can be used for advertising; you can place your ads on such delivery drones and use them for brand awareness.

7. Smart Displays:

Smart display campaigns are already offered by Google. It is a combination of smart bidding, targeting, and automatic ad creation for displays. There are two major smart display giants in the market.

Google assistant vs amazon alexa

As far as the US market is concerned, Amazon has 67% of market share. While Google has control over 33% of market shares.

8. Smart Apps:

Smart apps are intelligent apps built on technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. These Smart apps are the new age revolution. Brands can leverage smart apps to induce more user engagement. It can help brands to promote new products and services through smart recommendations provided through apps.

9. Smart Cars:

Smart cars are the oldest of the lot. Ever since the smart devices started to emerge in the market. Smart cars now have voice recognition, smart displays, voice assistants, and even artificial intelligence technologies embedded. This can be leveraged by brands to create great branding campaigns.

Smart cars

The global smart car market is projected to grow to $225,158 millions by 2025 with a compound annual  growth rate of 17.1% for the forecast period of 2018-2025. Which makes it a lucrative medium for brands.

10. Smart Homes:

Smart homes are everything from smart appliances, and smart speakers to every other smart device in your home. Brands can leverage these smart devices for all their branding activities. 

Smart homes shipment

Total smart home shipments may rise to 1396 million. And this is not just limited to smart speakers or smart appliances. Brands should look to optimize these smart homes for brand awareness, campaigns, and even achieve sales through them.


Brands around the world now understand the need for smart devices to personalize the engagement. As technology advances like 5G can certainly help businesses come up with more ways to use smart devices. 

Branding needs in-depth research and analytics regarding consumer behavior. Smart devices use machine learning and AI. Brands can leverage these capabilities for a better understanding of customer’s preferences. So, if you want your brand image to resonate through the revenues, look for that extra edge in smart devices. Create smart branding for better conversions and a greater brand image.

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