Unable to Download Attachments from Gmail- 7 Ways to Fix it? 

Nowadays, every person uses email as a mode of communication, and Gmail is one of the most preferred email clients. It provides multiple advanced features to its users, such as sending and receiving messages, automatic email filters and categories, Email nudges and high-priority notices, event details used to create calendar events, etc. But sometimes, users need help to download attachments from Gmail. That’s why we have decided to provide the solution to resolve this issue with the help of this write-up.

This article will guide you with the complete solution to fix this issue. You can either try the manual methods provided or use the Gmail Email Backup Tool to fix unable to download attachments from Gmail.

Methods to Fix Unable to Download Attachments from Gmail 

Here are some methods to fix Gmail unable to download attachments. This article discusses some ways to resolve the issue of Gmail attachments not downloading or receiving.

  1. Check the lab settings
  2. Regularly update your browser
  3. Turn off your antivirus
  4. Free cache memory
  5. Use Supported Browsers
  6. Report the Problem to Google

# Method 1: Check the Lab Settings

If in case the majority of the  Gmail lab settings are active, turning off a few of them might resolve the attachment problem. The ways to disable Labs Settings in Gmail are listed below.

  • Login to your Gmail account with the Login Credentials.
  • After then, Go to Settings.
  • To make changes, disable all the options under the Lab tab and click the Save Changes button.

# Method 2: Regularly update your browser

Since Gmail doesn’t offer a desktop email client, most Gmail users access it through their browsers. That’s why regularly updating your browsers is important to resolve unable to download attachments from Gmail. You can follow these steps to update your Gmail:- 

  1. Open Chrome and click on the three dots on the right side.
  2. Select Help > About Google Chrome from the menu.
  3. In a while, Google will update itself to the latest version, so you’ll have to wait for that.

# Method 3: Turn off your antivirus

The antivirus software on your computer may be preventing files from downloading through your Gmail account. From Antivirus Settings, make a tentative attempt to switch off the antivirus settings. Follow the steps mentioned to disable your antivirus.

  1.  Click on the task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar.
  2. You can then disable the antivirus by searching for it under the Start-Up tab.
  3. To apply new settings, restart your computer.

# Method 4: Free cache memory

You can also fix Gmail not downloading attachments problem by clearing up browsing history,  Cache, junk files, etc., from your system’s browser. 

# Method 5: Use Supported Browsers

You may have noticed a list of supported browsers on every website, and Gmail is no different. You may not be able to download attachments from Gmail if you are attempting to use it with browsers like Opera, Maxthon, etc.

Here is the list of Gmail Supported browsers:-

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox

# Method 6: Report the Problem to Google

At last, after all the steps failed then, you can report the unable to download attachments from Gmail problem to Google Support Page. You can share your tissue there and the team will respond in a few days.

# Method 7: Automated Method to Fix Gmail cannot Download Attachments

There is no manual way to fix the problem of not being able to download attachments in Gmail if you have tried all the methods listed above and have yet to work. However, you can backup your Gmail emails with attachments using the Gmail Email Backup Tool. so that the attachments are simple to access from where you have saved them. This tool is a trusted solution recommended by various ITs experts. It easily migrate Gmail to Office 365, Yahoo Mail, Thunderbird, etc. Moreover, it provides an easy-to-use interface to its professional and non-professional users.  It saves Gmail emails with attachments such as PDF, MSG, TXT, CSV, HTML, etc., while maintaining the integrity of the data.


We hope you enjoyed the article. In this post, we have provided seven ways to fix unable to download attachments from Gmail. You can try the manual method, but if these methods do not fix your issue. Then, you can use the Gmail Email Backup Tool. It is 100% reliable and downloads Gmail emails with attachments into multiple file formats and email clients.

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