How to Identify and Fix Malware Issue Coming from a Website

With the increasing number of malware attacks, your system remains prone to cyber threats all the time. Here, it becomes important to know early signs of a malware attack on your system and ways to deal with it. In this article, we have discussed all such information in detail.

How to identify malware issue on your system?

There could be various symptoms of a virus attack on your system. Here, your system may start behaving abnormal and cause various issues. It may include sudden crashes & freezes, performance slow-down, annoying pop-ups, abnormal network activity, sudden restart, unfamiliar error messages and lot more. If you find such conditions on your system then it’s time you should look for malware existence on your system. Here, this malware may have come from online activities where you have visited some malicious website or opened some malicious link or attachment.

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How to fix malware issue?

To deal with the malware issue on your system, you can follow various steps for improved security. It may include some basic to most advanced steps to keep your system security intact. Let’s discuss some of these steps here.

Shut Down your system: 

Once you come to know your system is under attack, immediately shut down your system including all online activities. It will block malware from further spreading.
Shut Down your system

Reboot in safe mode: 

Next is to reboot your system in safe mode with networking. Here, you will be able to look for all online malware threats that are causing harm to your system. To reboot in safe mode, first remove all external devices from your system including CDs, DVDs, USB, printer etc. Now restart your system and press F8 repeatedly until you see Advanced Boot Options. Here, select Safe Mode with Networking option and press Enter. Once you will put your system into safe mode, it will block any malware to run that is programmed to automatically load during boot process. 
Reboot in safe mode:
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Scan your system with antimalware program: 

Scan your system with antimalware program:
The next preferred step should be to scan your system thoroughly using best antimalware program. Here, an antimalware program on your system will help you scan, detect and remove all malicious content effectively. In case your antimalware program doesn’t work here, then you need to look for an antimalware program that run-in boot time. It will help you remove virus threat at first place during the boot process.

Disconnect from the network: 

Disconnect from the network:
Now when you have scanned your system for malware threat, you can disconnect from the network so that no other malicious content could download on your system. Once you disconnect your system from network, it will also stop malware on your system communicating with its Command & Control (C&C) servers for further instructions. Thus, it will stop malware from further spreading on your system or network.

Update your system software: 

Update your system software:
This is the next step you should follow. Here, you need to reconnect with the network and update your system operating system, applications, browser and everything else. It will help you keep your system safe from all existing and emerging malware threats.

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Install backups: 

Under this step, you can install all backups that you have saved with you. You can install backups from external drives or cloud servers wherever you have it. If you don’t have data backup then we suggest you take backup of all your important data as a preventive measure to deal with all unwanted issues. 
Install backups


Knowing some basics of computer security, you can easily identify and fix the issues caused by malware attack on your system. Here, keeping system software up-to-date and taking data backup is two major preventive steps you should always follow to avoid unwanted trouble. Further, using reliable antimalware program is another important solution to keep your system security intact.

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