Best Ways to Backup Gmail Emails to Keep Inbox Organized

Are you finding the best solution to backup Gmail account? If so, this blog will really help you to get answers to this question. In this, we will discuss different methods to backup Gmail emails using the manual approach. Additionally, it will provide you with the complete information that you should know before taking any step. For an alternate method, we will mention a professional solution i.e. Gmail Backup Tool

Backing up your Gmail emails has never been more crucial. Because attackers are continuously hunting for account flaws, it’s likely that your email account can be hacked. You may lose your messages. Even you may be unable to access your Gmail account. If this occurs, you should have a solid Gmail backup.

Many of the users maintain important business details in our Gmail accounts. That is why it is a must to ensure that data is remain safe. Before discussing how to backup mails in Gmail, let’s find out the reasons why you should backup emails.

Reasons Why You Should Backup Gmail Emails

Here are some reasons mentioned to know why most users back up Gmail. 

  • Cloud Attack: Even if Google is reasonably safe when it comes to cybersecurity and consumer protection, there is still a possibility of an attack in the future. A hacker might take advantage of a breach in Google’s security, or continuous downtime can make services totally unreachable.
  • Deletion of File Unintentionally: Mass deletion is not always the result of a hacker; sometimes, people delete an essential email (sometimes multiple) and are not able to restore it. With a backup, this is no longer an issue.
  • Account Locked: It is possible that your account might be closed or you will lose access to it. In rare cases, Google may lock users or your account admin may also lock you out, either intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Internet and System Shutdowns: You may be interrupted by internet and system shutdowns. Because Gmail is cloud-based, you may be unable to access your account, unless you can’t connect to the internet.
  • Account Hack: A G Suite account may be hacked or stolen and someone might use credentials from another affected account to hack your account. If the password is sufficiently weak or predictable, they may just guess it. A malevolent third party with access to your account could lock you out or remove all of your emails.

That is why you need to take a data backup of Google emails. We understand that your emails are extremely important to you. As a result, we decided to show you how to backup your Gmail emails to another Gmail account.

How to Backup Gmail Emails With Attachments

Now, we are going to discuss two manual methods to know how to backup mails in Gmail. These methods need attention so you should perform the task carefully. Let’s begin to learn some methods to back up Gmail emails.

Method 1: Enable POP Access on your Account

Using these steps, you can save Gmail emails to another Gmail account. 

  1. Login to your Gmail account and go to the Settings tab.
  2. The setting displays a drop-down menu, where you must select See all settings.
  3. Then select POP/IMAP and Forwarding.
  4. Select Enable POP for all mail in Status.
  5. When using POP to access messages, users have various alternatives. Among these options, select Keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox.
  6. Then, select the Save Changes option.

Method 2: Add Another Gmail Account to Fetch Email

If the above method is not helpful to you, try this solution to backup Gmail emails.

  1. Log in to your new Gmail account and select Settings.
  2. The setting choice displays a drop-down menu, where we must select See all settings.
  3. Then click the Account and Import button.
  4. From the check mail from other accounts menu, select Add a mail Account.
  5. Fill in the email address you want to add here.
  6. Next, click.
  7. Select Import emails from my other account (POP3) and click Next on the next window page.
  8. Enter your Gmail account password from where you want to transfer emails.
  9. Select from the POP Server list.
  10. Choose 995 as the Port choice.
  11. Confirm It is not possible to leave a copy of the retrieved message on the server.
  12. Confirm When retrieving mail, always utilize a secure connection (SSL).
  13. Select Add Account.
  14. Choose Yes or No. I like being able to send emails to [email protected].
  15. If you selected Yes, go for the next step. If not, you are finished.

You may find solutions from the above methods, but there are some limitations to using these that you should know before opting for them. 

Drawbacks to Backup Emails Manually

The important disadvantage to backup Gmail emails you should know before performing the task.

  • Manual approaches are time-consuming and need technical skills. Also, minor mistakes can occur.
  • If the process is interrupted for any reason, you must restart the process.
  • The manual technique does not allow for bulk downloads of Gmail emails. You must repeat the method for each mailbox.
  • Manual ways are complex and thus not recommended by professionals.
  • Users do not have access to advanced options such as the date range filter, which didn’t give them the desired results.

As we discussed, the manual process includes the possibility of data loss, you can use the Gmail Backup Software to avoid such critical issues. It will help you to backup Gmail account with all mailbox items including emails, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, tasks, etc. With the help of this, you can back up Gmail to your computer or various file formats and email clients such as PST, MSG, EML, TXT, PDF, JSON, Yahoo, Outlook, Zoho Mail, Yandex Mail, Thunderbird, etc. It can also download data from Google Drive and Photos.


We have discussed two manual techniques backup Gmail emails in this article. Both approaches are already available in Gmail. They are simple to use and do not require any application. They do, however, have some limitations. Finally, we examined the Gmail Backup Tool, which is fairly efficient in dealing with all of the disadvantages of manual ways. Choose smartly the method that will help you, not trouble you. 

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