How to Import Contacts from Hotmail to Gmail?

Of course! There are various email clients and all are excellent on their own. But from time to time, an email client comes up with some new and better features and productivity to compete with other email services. In this article, we are about to talk about a such topic and why users want to import Hotmail contacts to Gmail. Stay tuned to this article, we hope, you will find ways to complete the task that you want.


Contacts are such an important element to everyone, in fact, anywhere people go they need someone’s number for conversation. Similarly, some Hotmail users want to import Hotmail contacts to Gmail. For this, we will provide manual methods along with a professional tool to complete the task. Since Hotmail was not originally remained, most users switched to Gmail, and we all are well familiar with Google Mail. Its astonishing features and multiple other platforms like Contacts, Photos, Drive, etc, fascinate the users to switch over to Gmail from Hotmail.

Now, we want to give you some effective reasons for importing contacts from Hotmail to Gmail, which is in the next part.

Why Need to Export Contacts from Hotmail to Gmail?

The reasons are pointed out here. Why do users need action to transfer their contacts from Hotmail to their Gmail account?

  • Google Mail provides large storage with 15 GB of storage to store the data. Whereas, The storage in Hotmail is only 5GB to store the user’s data.
  • Gmail comes up with more services like Google Drive, Docs, Forms, Sheets, and many more.
  • Hotmail users can not share the storage capacity with other services whereas, Gmail has the feature to share the capacity with other Microsoft services.
  • Gmail allows users to make a payment using the Google Wallet feature but, in Hotmail, users can not send money due to the unavailability of this feature.

The above-mentioned are some of the main benefits of using Gmail in place of Hotmail. However, In some instances, users also want to add Hotmail account to Outlook 365 by using the manual method. Now, Let’s discuss the manual method to import contacts from Hotmail to Gmail in an effective way.

Manual Solution to Import Hotmail Contacts to Gmail

However, there are various methods available to complete your task. But, we will provide you with an effective and easy-to-perform method to export your Hotmail contacts to Microsoft Gmail. With this method, we will use Gmail’s inbuilt feature to execute this task. Follow the below-typed steps in a stepwise manner to execute your piece of work.

  • Open your Gmail account and click Settings.
  • After that, hit on the See all Settings option.
How to Import Contacts from Hotmail to Gmail?
  • Here, navigate to the Accounts and Import tab.
  • Here go with the Import mail and contacts option.
How to Import Contacts from Hotmail to Gmail?
  • A new wizard will open. Here, provide your Hotmail username and click Continue.
 Import Contacts from Hotmail to Gmail
  • Now, again click the Continue button. Afterward, a new wizard opens.
  • Here, choose your account, and enter the password of your Hotmail username.
  • After that, click Allow button, and close this page.
Allow permissions
  • Now, go to the previous page of Gmail, and check the option Import Contacts. If you need mail too, then check the Import Mail option.
  • Finally, click on Start Import then click OK. It will take a while depending on the number of contacts, and will import all your Hotmail contacts to Gmail.
How to Import Contacts from Hotmail to Gmail?

Finally, with the above steps, you can transfer contacts from Hotmail to Gmail easily and completely. But as you have observed also, the method has complicated steps that obviously you would have seen. Also, it takes too much time to import. Consequently, a user must have the technical knowledge to go with the manual method. But, will you agree? If we provide you with such amazing software which eases your task and enables using restriction-free. In the next part, you will read about the utility which we are going to share with you.

Use Professional Way to Import Hotmail Contacts to Gmail

Cigati Hotmail Backup Tool is a convenient utility for importing your contacts from to a Gmail account. It ensures no data loss or file corruption during the backup process of Hotmail. Also, it allows you to convert your Hotmail mailbox into multiple file formats and migrate to various email clients. The software is capable to run on Windows 11 and its below version. After knowing the work of the tool, let’s see the steps to export contacts from Hotmail to Gmail.


This write-up has provided you with the best solutions to import Hotmail contacts to Gmail. There were many manual solutions to do the same task, but in that, we faced many restrictions. Therefore, we have provided you with an effective and intuitive professional utility that enables you to execute the same task easily and in an effective way. We hope, this article has been sufficiently informative for solving your problem.

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