Secure Ways to Save Emails from Outlook Web App to Computer

Saving any information from the online to an offline mode may be very useful from the perspective of saving, sharing, and accessing it anytime like this, there are various users who need to save emails from Outlook Web App to a hard drive. If you also wish to do the same, go through this informative article and you will find here the most effective solutions to solve your query with the help of native and standard methods.


MS Outlook or is a widely used email client by many Organizations, Universities, etc, for professional uses. As we know, in any organization, there work many employees, so the number of emails also increases every day in fact, every hour or minute. This huge number of emails causes full of a user’s email account storage. Due to this, many users also face the issues like Hotmail account not receiving emails.

Therefore they wish to save emails from Outlook Web App to their computer and delete the emails from their account. So that, the storage of an email account remains clear as before. After knowing about Outlook or and the accurate reasons why users need to download emails from Microsoft OWA to local storage, let’s get started with the manual solution to execute the described task.

Manually Save Emails from Outlook Web App to Computer

The manual process helps you to save if there are a few emails you have. Because you have to do the same procedures for every email to download from Outlook to a hard drive. By the way, if you wish to perform it, here, we are going to describe the steps to execute the task. We will finish the task with online. However, you can do the same task with the MS Outlook desktop application after connecting with outlook online. Consider the below-mentioned points to accomplish the task.

  • Go to and Sign In with your credentials.
  • Now, choose the desired email that you want to save on your computer.
  • Thereafter, click on three dots (…) and hit the Print option.
Secure Ways to Save Emails from Outlook Web App to Computer
  • Here, a new print wizard will open, again click on the Print option.
  • After that, select the option Save as PDF under the Print section then hit the Print button.
Secure Ways to Save Emails from Outlook Web App to Computer
  • Here, choose the destination where you want to keep it and click on the Save button.
  • Finally, you saved the email to the computer from Outlook successfully.

The above-mentioned steps allow you to complete your task to download emails from Outlook Web App to desktop. However, this manual method is not as easy as you see, it is time-taking, complicated, and carries techie steps. So, if you are a smart person and don’t want to waste your time with this tedious method, of course, you will look for a smart technique that can provide an easy solution for the completion of your task in no time. Follow the upcoming section to see the professional solution and more about it.

Automated Approach to Save Emails From Outlook Web App

Hotmail Backup Software is an accurate software to save all your emails from Outlook / It allows you to clear your mailbox space by taking a backup of your Hotmail important data in different file formats without losing your crucial email files from your Outlook account. Moreover, the utility permits you to migrate the Hotmail data to different email clients. After taking a look at the software uses, let’s move forward to see the working of the tool with the provided steps.


With the help of this write, we have provided you solutions to save emails from Outlook Web App to your local storage or computer. As a free solution, we provided you with a manual method which looks like a tedious task to execute and has multiple drawbacks. Therefore, on the demand of many users, we have introduced a quick solution as Cigati Hotmail Backup Tool to accomplish the mentioned task to save mailboxes to a hard drive in a single go.

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