Clean up duplicate files on external drives

There are multiple files on your device. Sometimes you see that there are duplicate files on the external drive which is a very difficult task to manage, the struggle is to find and delete the duplicate files can be very time-consuming. Learn about how to clean up duplicate files on external drives. Also, know about manual and expert solutions for detecting and removing duplicate files

Reasons to Remove Duplicate Files

  1. Similar to other storage devices external hard drives have a limited capacity for data storage. When you have the same files taking up space, there is not much space left for new things you get rid of those duplicates for more space, and you in the future can remove the identical files. 
  2. It can get confusing when you have multiple files all over your external drive. You might not know which one is new or correct, which could cause mistakes or loss of data. If you want to delete those extra copies will make it easier to keep your files organized and find them without any trouble.
  3. Having too many duplicate files on your external drive can cause some problems with backup size decreases. When you back up your drive, these duplicates get copied over and over again, making your backups take longer. 
  4. If you have multiple duplicate files on your external drive this system can slow down. When there are multiple identical files, it takes longer for your drive to find the files you want. This can make reading and writing files slower, transferring files take longer, and overall make your drive work less efficiently. 

Manual Method of Clean up Duplicate Files on External Drives

Manual solution for cleaning the valuable space using the file explorer

  1. First, insert the external disk on the computer.
  2. Open the drive where you want to clean.
  3. Search  the particular folder for the duplicate file
  4. Arrange the files according to the name and the size
  5. to identify similar names, sizes, and timestamp files.
  6. If you identified similar files then select which you want to delete.
  7. Right-click on the duplicate files to delete them when the dialogue box opens.
  8. Repeat these steps in every folder of the external drive 

Expert Solution for Clean up duplicate files on external drives

If you find your time valuable and want some expert solution we will provide a powerful tool i.e. SysTools Duplicates Finder that solves your problems and gives accurate results.

Steps for cleaning up the duplicate files on external drives

  1. Start the tool on your computer
  2. . Click on Add Folder to view the duplicate files on your computer.
  3.  Adjust the radio button using the advanced filter to fit your requirements.
  4.  To remove duplicate files, simply click on the delete button and then press ok.

Final Take Away

 In this blog, we have gone through how to clean up duplicate files on external drives and the reasons for Deleting Duplicate files. Using expert solutions instead of manual approaches will increase both the speed and storage capacity of your system. The manual solution has certain limitations and is not very efficient. In case you are using expert solutions are more efficient in use and also offer advanced features such as Find in, Find By, and File Extension.

Commonly  Asked Questions

  1. How can I stop my external drive from becoming overloaded with duplicate data in the future?

You may use automated tools to routinely scan and eliminate duplicates from your external drive in order to stop duplicate files from building up. Duplicate file accumulation can also be minimized by adhering to excellent file organization practices and refraining from needless file copying.

2. How would removing duplicate files on my external drive impact the original files?

No, removing duplicate files from your external drive will only remove the copies that are identical to the original files. To make sure you are not losing any crucial data. before deleting the files check them thoroughly that you are not deleting any important files.

3. Is it possible for me to remove duplicate files from my internal drive using the same tool?

Yes, you may remove duplicate files from both internal and external drives using an expert solution To find and eliminate duplicate files, just select the drive you wish to scan with the software.

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