How to Convert Thunderbird archives to Outlook? Step by Step Instructions 

There are many reasons like users or any organization need to convert Thunderbird archives to outlook. Outlook advanced features may fulfill the requirement of organization query that is why users are going to Outlook. So, this guide will view the manual and automated methods to solve the user query and provide efficiency. If we talk about the Thunderbird application it is the email platform for desktop based clients to store their emails, calendars,etc. 

How to Convert Thunderbird Email archives to Outlook? Using Manual method

By following these manual methods you will be able to convert Thunderbird archives to Outlook but it can take a lot of time of yours and I recommend you to take backup of your data.

Step 1: View the Thunderbird MBOX files

  • Open the Thunderbird Application.
  • Go to Tools > Account settings.
  • In account settings find the local directory in the server settings Tab.
  • Mark the location of your MBOX files.

Step 2: Install EML export Add-on

  • Download and install Import Export NG tool from Thunderbird.
  • Restart your application to see export Add-on.

Step 3: Export your Emails as EML file 

  • Right click on the folder which you want to export.
  • Select Import Export NG tool > Export all messages in the folder > EML format
  • Now, save your EML file in your desired Location where you want.

Step 4: Import EML files to Outlook

  • Open your Outlook.
  • Drag and Drop your EML files to Outlook or you can use the Import Export NG Tool under which you can go to File > Open & Export.

Convert Thunderbird archives to Outlook by using Automated method

Here you can go with an automated tool named as SysTools Thunderbird Converter.This is an efficient and reliable tool which you can use to directly import MBOX files to PST file format and view in Outlook.

  1. Install and launch your MBOX converter tool .
  2. Choose your MBOX file from your stored location in Thunderbird.
  3. Select the file in which you want your output format like PST and choose your destination path.
  4. Start the conversion process and the tool will convert and store your PST file. 
  5. Open your Outlook.
  6. Go to file > open & export > Import/Export.
  7. Choose Import from file > Outlook Data file (.PST)
  8. View your PST file which is created by your automated Too and Import the PST file.l
  9. Now, you can view your PST file in Outlook.

Benefits of using an Automated Tool

  • Increase time efficiency as it can import Large email files quickly.
  • Reduce the chances of Data Loss when Importing your files.
  • It is easy to use for the users. It can be used by non-technical users as it is not having any complications.
  • So, by seeing these plus factors you can easily convert Thunderbird archives to Outlook.


In this Article you have seen the Manual and Automated methods to convert Thunderbird archives to Outlook. But as mentioned we recommend you to use an Automated method as in manual method there are many complications and also time consuming. So, the tool will efficiently do your task with fewer steps and anyone can do it easily. Also, it provides various features to export your to various file formats. You can go and use this tool available as a Thunderbird Converter.

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