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Recently, I read an e-book by Neil Patel from Quick Sprout on “21 Big Marketing Ideas for Small Marketing Budgets” and one of the big marketing ideas is to answer questions.  Therefore, I’ve been stalking Quora, Linkedin Answers and Yahoo! Answers looking for Common SEO questions (Search Engine Optimization FAQ) that I can answer.

While creeping around some answer sites, I’ve noticed a few SEO related questions that are being asked again and again.  Therefore, I decided to write a FAQ article with answers to those frequently asked questions. Lets Start.

Q 1. How to Increase Traffic to My New Website or Blog?

Similar Questions Asked:

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  • How to improve website traffic?
  • Best way to increase traffic to my website?
  • How to get traffic fast?

I believe this is a question that everyone is asking and have been working really hard to achieve that.  I am also looking for an answer to this question.   Based on my knowledge on SEO, this is what I usually answer with.

Common SEO questions

There are two popular ways to increase traffic to your website or blog.

Do SEO on your website or blog.  SEO is an ongoing process that optimizes your website so that it can appear on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and be found via Search Engines.   By having your website appear on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) and you optimized your Meta Description, people will click on your website and thus increase your traffic.

Furthermore, to increase your SEO ranking, you need to generate backlinks (also known as inbound links).  These are links from another website that direct their readers to your website.  It is like recommendations or referrals from websites.  Having more backlinks from authority sites will help you with SEO AND will also increase traffic because other sites are linking to you. Look at the following post.

Search Engine Marketing – Choose Best SEM Services for your Online Business 

A fast way to increase traffic to a new website or blog is by using Paid Advertisements such as Google Adwords, Bing Advertisements,  Facebook Advertisement, Facebook Sponsor Stories, Facebook Promoted Post, Twitter Sponsor Stories and etc.  Any sort of paid advertisement can help increase your traffic fast but with a cost.  If your website is new, paid advertisements will help you get your initial group of visitors.

Q 2. How do I create a website?

Creating a website is really simple although it sounds confusing with purchasing a domain, web hosting and etc.  To simplify it, here are a few steps for creating a website.

Here is a way to create a free blog online.

STEP 1: Purchase a domain (I would conduct keyword research first to find keywords with a lot of searches but not so competitive and include that keyword in the domain).

STEP 2: Find a Webhost to host your domain.  A domain name is similar to your home address and your apartment itself is the web host, where all your furniture (data) is located.  There are a lot of services out there that will purchase your domain and host your website for you for a monthly price. Check out, or prices to host your site.

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STEP 3: Find a pre-made theme you like and install it via CMS or create your own theme with CSS. Customize your website with plugins and widgets.

Its that simple!  Check out How to Create a Website to find a detailed step by step guide on how to create a website.

Q 3. How to improve my SEO?

Similar Questions Asked:

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  • How do I get my site to appear in Search Engines?
  • I am new to SEO, help me?

There are probably hundreds of things the webmaster can do to optimize the websites SEO.  Here are a few most common things people overlook which can affect their website rank on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

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  • Conduct keyword research and target long tail keywords that have high search volume and low competition.  It is easier to rank for those keywords than generic keywords.
  • Make sure to include the keyword in the content
  • Include primary and secondary keywords in the page title for related pages
  • Include keywords in URL
  • Include Alt Tags for your images
  • Include Keywords in your H1 header
  • Include Keyword in your anchor text that links to your other pages
  • Make sure you’ve submitted a Sitemap
  • Post fresh content to your page often
  • Build backlinks. (Note: I say Build backlinks and not BUY!)  The more quality backlinks you get from authority websites, the easier to improve your SEO
  • Make sure to have content above the fold. Google rolled out a new layout algorithm and having content above the fold will benefit your SEO
  • Avoid having too many ads above the fold.
  • How to generate traffic without SEO?

I believe that SEO is the best and free way to generate traffic to websites and blog.  However, I am sure there are people who don’t believe SEO works or don’t have the time, money or knowledge to implement SEO, but still, want to generate traffic to their websites.

Search Engine Optimization FAQ

Here are a few ways to get traffic without doing SEO on your website:

Paid Advertisement will be the best way to generate traffic without SEO.  Paid Advertisements such as:

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Facebook Advertisement
  3. Bing Advertisement
  4. StumbleUpon Discovery
  5. Yahoo! Advertisement
  6. Facebook Sponsor Stories
  7. Reddit Advertisement

Q 4. Is Writing Guest Post on Blogs for SEO is Good?

Guest Post on industry related blogs.  You might think Guest blogging is only for SEO or generating backlinks.  That is only half correct.  When you guest post, usually blogs provide author bio pages where authors can include a link to their website/blog and write something about themselves.  If you are providing useful information, readers might recognize you as an industry leader and check your bio which includes a link to your website.

Q 5. What is Affiliate  Programs?

Provide Affiliate Programs.  Affiliate Marketing, in short, is basically paying a small commission to people (affiliate marketers/bloggers) that include a link or advertisement on their website and send traffic to your website and purchase a service or product.

Q 4. Is Meta Keyword and Description still useful?

Hmmm, in an SEO view, you can say Meta keywords and Meta description is not useful.  It will not affect the majority of the websites SEO ranking on the SERP.  Why I say majority?  Google announced in September that Meta keywords (or news_meta-keywords) will play a role for News sites.  In conclusion, if your website is not a news site, these won’t play a role in SEO.

However, in the view of users, the Meta description is still useful and important.  Meta descriptions play a role in getting users to click on your website in the SERP.

There are a lot more questions people ask all the time about SEO.  These are the only ones Ive encountered so far and answered.  Have you seen any SEO questions that people constantly ask?  Share them in the comment section below!

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