Here’s A Pink Saree Styling Guide To Stand Out In The Crowd

The Barbie-core craze is slowly fading but the world can never get enough of all things pink. The colour is associated with femininity and is embraced by women all over the world. It is a popular colour in traditional Indian clothing as well and pink sarees are at the top of the list for elegant and graceful garments that are timeless. The colour is also related to – for others and yourself – and lends a romantic feel to any saree looks.

Pink sarees are also versatile as they can be dresse up or down for different occasions and are appropriate for all events – formal or festive. This guide will help you pick the perfect pink saree for your needs and reveal the best styling options.

How To Select The Perfect Saree:

  1. Fabric and Colour: The most important factor while picking pink sarees is the fabric and its colour as the various shades of pink can evoke different feelings. For example, the romantic baby pink will shine on chiffon and satin, hot pink and fuschia will stand out in all their glory on plush velvet, while magenta and mulberry will add to the royal appeal of silk. 
  1. Embellishments: Pick the embellishments and metallic details on pink sarees based on the occasion as heavy borders and zari-like embroidery look rich for weddings while bronze details are better suited for festive occasions. You can also wear pink sarees with silver-toned or scattered pearl accents for a classy and graceful party look.
  1. Flow And Fit: The draping of the Pink sarees should feel lightweight and snug against the body for summer and outdoor events. Heavy fabrics such as Kanjeevaram silk or Banarsi brocade are better suite for the winters. Lightweight chanderi sarees also flow with your movements and fluid as you walk.

How to Style Pink Sarees:

  1. Draping Style: The most popular way to drape a saree is the Nivi style. With this style, you may choose to leave the pallu flowing for a more romantic look or pin it up to keep it out of the way. The same saree can be style in a variety of ways to create a wide range of styles. Gujarati style, for example, displays the pallu designs with front drapes. Pink sarees are the ideal outfit if you enjoy trying new looks, from the classic Bengali drape and Coorgi style to the double saree draping and the retro Mumtaz-style layering.  
  1. Blouse: A blouse should be form-fitting yet still give you some room to move. Selecting a blouse in complementary colours will assist in creating a classy look. Contrast shade that stands out the most from a multi-toned saree. Select a colour from the same palette or stick to the same warm or cold undertones for a monochromatic effect.
  1. Jewellery: Opt for opulent kundan jewellery sets for a royal look that will compliment the pink sarees. You can also pick kundan jewellery with contrast green enamelling details. For a modern and sophisticated look, opt for the graceful pearl necklace and earrings. To add shape, waist belts or kamarbandh will add that extra touch of elegance. Try modern accessories like statement rhinestone earrings and delicate metallic chokers for cocktail parties and wedding ceremonies.
  1. Hairstyle: Floral buns are the ultimate hairstyle with traditional clothes – whether you pick bun pins with 3-D flowers or fresh flowers. Roses and other large flowers will also help add a feminine touch to pink sarees.
  1. Accessories: Carry potli bags with sarees for weddings and special occasions. Clutches are also a great contemporary option for formal events and cocktails. For day time events, add the funky touch of sunglasses with colourful frames.
  1. Fusion: Combine western clothing pieces with sarees to create a fusion look. You cannot go wrong with shoulder strap tops or cropped t-shirts. Similarly, wear a white satin shirt as a blouse for a bold and fashionable appearance. Introduce the belted silhouette with a corset-style belt or a leather alternative with a bold buckle.


Though it could be alluring to select a saree with the most elaborate embroidery, consider the weather and the schedule of the occasion. With so many different stylistic options, wearing pink sarees will never get dull. For an hourglass figure, tighten your waist with a belt or waist chain. more daring look, replace the blouse with a shirt, a crop top, or a jacket. For a fusion style, replace the underskirt entirely with pants and drape it to resemble a lehenga. Statement jewellery can also dramatically alter the appearance of your pink sarees. While kundan work will enhance the traditional ethnic feel, delicate pearl jewellery lends a contemporary feel, Pair your saree with embroidered sneakers for a cool-girl look or opt for classic kolhapuri flats for comfort and style.

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