5 Overlooked Tricks in Google AdWords

If you’re into digital marketing, Google AdWords recently known as Google Ads is not new for you. Yet, with that being said, it is very important that you try to always learn something new across the domain of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is growing at a brisk pace and you don’t want to miss out on the key changes. Tell you that there are some cool hacks that will help you boost your digital marketing strategies using the Google AdWords.

This article is exactly going to help you out with discovering what you really need to land the best sales target of this month.

So don’t worry anymore if you are struggling with the proper keyword research as now is the time when you can find out some of the cool unused tricks in Google AdWords.

1. Learn from competitors:

If you decide that you are going to launch your next campaign, which is in the niche of recruitment consultancy, you need to learn from the big fish in the sea.

Learning from our competitors is one of the key secrets which is still unused by a lot of digital marketers.

Google AdWords gives you the liberty to know your competitors better. All you need to do is search on Google regarding the target keyword and the first search result is going to be your competitor.

Now find out what your competitor is doing and make sure you replicate the same in your marketing strategy.

2. Call to action is going to be a best friend:

No marketing strategy is successful without a call to action. A unique call to action is all you need to ensure that your content is actually giving results. The key performance metric must include the leads that are getting generated and this is where it is important that you focus more on call to action.

Call to action increases the chances of lead generation by close to 45%. And this is where you stand a chance to improve your marketing strategy and final results.

Using ad extension, you can easily integrate CTA buttons with your Google Ads.

3. Be clear about the offers that you roll out:

It might sound quite irresistible to you, but if the offers don’t make sense to your customers, then your marketing strategy will not work. Be precise, concise and pretty much specific about what you are looking forward to offering.

A discount of 2.5 pounds / bottle is far easier to understand compared to a discount of 25%.

The clarity plays an important role in gathering much more leads and customers.

4. Be clear about the location that you’re targeting:

It is very important that you have a fair amount of idea regarding the keywords being used in different locations. The demographic differentiation is going to be the real hurdle, and this is where your experience will come into play.

Make sure that you set the location through the point where you’re actually going forward to sell the product.

If the location is not clearly defined, you might never get hang off the perfect keywords that are going to bring users to your landing page. For instance, you are creating an ad to promote an SEM agency in Sydney, who are looking for clients only from Sydney. Defining the location will help the ad to be visible on SERP when someone will search for an SEM agency in Sydney.

5. Long tailed keywords should be implemented:

If you’re selling a bag which is red in color, it is often preferable to use the keyword as ‘red bag’ compared to just ‘bag’.

Long tailed keywords have a greater visibility since they increase the uniqueness of the keyword thus the competition reduces as well as the chances of getting higher leads get rocketed.

Bottom line:

AdWords is one of the key tools that every digital marketer uses. In order to stay updated with the key marketing trends, you should always try to experiment more while using any tool. With the above 5 overlooked tips, be rest assured to go ahead your competitor and launch your next marketing strategy in a far more riveting manner.

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