8 Scentsational Mistakes No Guy Should Make: Perfumes Demystified

There are steps to a grooming routine that when done right can work in your favour. Following one makes you look polished, smart and put-together. Perfume is one such essential that ties a grooming routine together. A clean white musk fragrance enhances the feel of a fresh shower and a rich oud perfume makes for an unmatched finishing touch along with a sleek watch or pair of shiny cufflinks. While learning to identify fragrance notes and knowing how to layer scents are smart feats, knowing how to wear perfumes for men is equally important. When you go through a meticulous process of building a perfume wardrobe, you definitely want to make sure you’re getting money and time’s worth.

Want to get the most out of your collection of perfumes for men? Then here are the 8 perfume mistakes you must avoid.

  1. Rubbing Your Wrists Together

Rubbing your wrists right after spraying perfume may be second nature to most of us. We do it assuming that we’re even spreading the perfume between both wrists. In actuality, this move is counterproductive to wearing premium men’s perfume. When you rub the skin it heats up and makes the natural oils mix in with the molecular structure of the perfume. This destroys the natural scent and makes it dissipate from the body faster. The best course of action is to spray 2–3 spritz on each wrist, and let it absorb into the skin completely.

  • Misting Instead Of Spraying Pulse Points

We’ve all at one point done the ‘mist and walkthrough’ routine. You mist the perfume into the air and then walk through. You may think this will evenly disperse the perfume across your body but that’s not quite as effective as you think. When you spray the perfume into the atmosphere, it’s already mingling with the exposed air therefore diluting its ability to give you a scent that could be long-lasting. Instead, spray the perfume on all the pulse points like the wrists, behind the ears, inside the elbow, behind the knees and decolletage. Since these areas generate more heat, it will vaporise the perfume and make it last through the day.

  • Not Factoring In The Weather

Yes, environmental surroundings and the weather can have a bearing on how you wear perfumes for men. Your body chemistry also changes as per these conditions. In cold or breezy weather, you don’t tend to break much of a sweat. In such cases, your perfume may last longer. If you’re wearing layers, try spraying the perfume behind your ears and on the inside of your scarf for a lingering effect since all the pulse points are likely to be covered. When the climate is exceptionally hot, you’re better off not wearing perfume on your body as the excess heat and sweat can instantly disintegrate it. If you still want to wear one, try spraying some onto your hair.

  • Spraying On Clothes

We’re aware that we mentioned spraying perfume on scarves during cold weather in the previous point. However, it’s an exception. We may do so now and then as last-minute touch-ups or during hasty morning routines. Spraying perfumes on clothes will not have the same effect as the detergent scent could mingle and alter the true nature of the perfume. Moreover, when you spray perfumes only on clothes and not the body, it might not last as long. In some cases perfumes can also ruin the fabric.

  • Not Considering Body Chemistry

Body chemistry plays an important role when wearing perfume. What many might not know is that your body chemistry somewhat acts as an ‘unofficial ingredient’ which will make the perfume have a distinct scent on you. So, if you spray the same perfume on you and your friend, chances are that it might differ in how it smells on each of you. Body chemistry could also be the reason why you may not take a liking to a certain perfume regardless of its hype or popularity.

  • Storing It Wrong

Much like preserving food or expensive bottles of wine, perfumes also need to be stored properly. This circles back to the environmental and atmospheric factors. You may have placed a good-looking perfume bottle on the vanity but you may not realise that direct sunlight could damage it. Harsh UV and UVB rays can destroy oil balance and the colour of the perfume, making it unsafe to use. Keeping perfume in your bathroom vanity could equally render it useless as the increase in temperature from the hot water and the mist can dilute its potency. The best way to store your perfume is in a dry, dark spot at room temperature.

  • Wearing Too Much

When a perfume smells really good, we may get carried away while spritzing it. But hold on! This is where we couldn’t emphasise more on the saying ‘less is more’. Premium, high-end perfumes for men most often boast a potent, rich blend of fragrances. It’s formulated in a manner that only a few spritzes will last you through the day. Spraying too much perfume can take it from an olfactory paradise to a dizzying headache. The best way to enjoy perfume in all its glory is to spray only a little so it lightly lingers through the day without being overwhelming on the nostrils.

  • Spritzing On Dry Skin

If you’ve been using perfume on dry skin, it’s time to unlearn. Perfumes naturally have a lightweight consistency that can dissipate quickly. That’s why they don’t last on dry skin as they don’t have something to stick to. Applying a body lotion that complements the perfume not only enhances the fragrance but the moisturising base will trap in the perfume and will make it last longer. If you care only for your perfume’s scent, then opt for a fragrance-free moisturiser. You can even dab a little bit of petroleum jelly on your pulse points before spraying perfume.

Now that you know everything, use your perfumes for men wisely and make them work wonders for you!

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