Most Important Reasons Why You Need a SEO Site Audit for Your eCommerce Site

Considering how immensely popular the online world is, more than 90% of people have purchased something on the internet. The main reason is that they love the idea of buying something fast, while not even leaving their sofa. 

And because of the efficiency of the biggest eCommerce sites, online shopping has become both extremely popular and genuinely safe. But today, there is a different challenge since there are many sites that want a piece of the treasure. 

Because there are millions of sites online, you face several crucial challenges such as how to stand out from the competitors, make a difference, the best way to attract new customers, etc. Well, it’s actually not that difficult to solve these issues if you hire an effective agency that can do an eCommerce SEO site audit, which today seems inevitable considering how huge the global market is. 

Therefore, here we will see why you need an SEO site audit for your eCommerce site. Let’s begin. 

Being Mobile-Friendly

It’s needless to say how vital mobile friendliness is today. Most people do everything on their phones, and the same goes for buying products from your website. Therefore, being mobile-friendly is one of the crucial SEO elements you must consider. Search engines like Google use ranking factors such as mobile viewpoint and touchscreen readiness to be sure that your site is providing the best experience for your mobile users. 

Furthermore, even if your site is perfect on desktop, it can be an issue if your mobile design is bad since people will leave it in seconds no matter if what you are selling is top-rated. 

On-page SEO Importance

Another critical reason why an SEO audit is vital is the on-page SEO. You need to address your HTML header and meta tags in order to see the keyword consistency. And since you have an eCommerce site, it’s more than valuable to use target keywords here because search engines will know exactly what they can find on your site pages. This aspect is even more important for eCommerce sites since you are trying to sell something all the time. Therefore, the content and meta descriptions have to be captivating and engaging. 

In addition, even if you use all the site tips and tricks available, the SEO side will still be as important in order to gain customers. By implementing these things, the search engine robots will index your pages and crawl as well. Also, having broken links is yet another bad experience for your users, so by hiring the right SEO agency, they will know how to fix this fast and in the proper way. 

If you think that having a lot of backlinks but of low quality is the way to go, you are making a huge mistake. It is much better to have high-quality backlinks since grabbing a link from any possible source is bad both for the user experience and search engine rankings, especially for the most important one, Google. 

Having authoritative backlinks will provide a lot better traffic and impressions, which ultimately will bring you many new customers, who may also become loyal buyers for an extended time. Once again, it’s complicated to implement something like this without an SEO marketing agency since you won’t know where to start, and you’ll definitely have a problem creating it effectively. 

Site Speed Is Everything

You always have to bear in mind that site speed is everything, and it can literally determine your success. Therefore, your eCommerce website has to load in three seconds or even less since if it takes more than that, you will lose many customers. 

If you see this from the perspective of Google, user experience is vital, and this is most certainly a fact. When a site is slow, the patience of the user fades away pretty fast. Furthermore, without a fast loading time, you can not expect to land on a top spot on Google or any other search engine for that matter. 

Still, the bright side is that a high-quality SEO audit can tell you precisely what is making your site pages a problem. This knowledge can be implemented with a number of factors and tools, and most of them are more technical, so once again, doing it alone won’t do the trick. 

Website Crawling

As you probably noticed, we mentioned the word crawl above, and we will address it once again since Google’s site crawling is an essential aspect of your eCommerce site. In many cases, eCommerce sites have duplicate content and fail to provide more original, engaging content, which happens more often in these sites than ones from any other industry. 

For instance, every time you list a product and Google categorizes it as duplicate content, adding canonical tags can tell it which of the items are original and which should be ignored. And since eCommerce websites usually have many pages to be inspected for these issues, the site crawler helps streamline this procedure. The site crawler tells how to properly implement the canonical tags in order not to comb every element manually. Furthermore, it can discover broken links and HTTPS problems as well. 

And if you think that all the challenges mentioned above are merely impossible to address without an SEO audit, be sure that this part is much more difficult. 

Website Security

It’s a fact that online shopping has never been easier and more secure, but as an eCommerce website, you have to constantly improve and show customers that your site is secure and entirely safe. 

Google is locating all SSL secure websites with an appreciable warning in the browser bar. Those who use HTTPS can be rewarded, clearly indicating that Google thinks user experience is the most crucial aspect among all ranking factors. 

So, it is more than evident why an SEO site audit is necessary, especially for your eCommerce site. In today’s modern world, it’s practically impossible to be competitive or successful without implementing these aspects. And since you are coming from the online shopping world, you know that the time to start is now!   

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