Hulu vs. Disney plus; Rivals For Your Subscription

There is no way to escape boredom in this time of home-quarantines, right? It feels like you have all the time in the world whenever you stay at home, making you think of the many things you can accomplish at home. Things like cleaning, laundry, attending classes, or working from home – which many of you will just drop to go binge-watch, right?

We’re going to help you decide between the two – especially for those on a budget. We know that you want to pick an excellent streaming platform that can cater to your entertainment wants and needs without having to go overboard on the prices. So we’ll be discussing some aspects to help you choose the right platform for you.

  The Popularity Of The Rivals

It really is a struggle to choose the streaming platform for you, with all of the choices you have. It makes it even harder when your entertainment and money is on stake. So why the popularity? Well, generally, the more people that like something means that the service that they offer is top-notch, right? So why don’t we get into statistics to further emphasize?

Around March, Hulu and Disney plus had the same number of subscribers, resting at around 30 million. It has been 5 months since then, and Disney Plus has significantly overtaken Hulu. It is now resting at around 55 million subscribers. Meanwhile, Hulu is still resting at around that 30 million mark. Disney plus definitely takes the cake for popularity.

  The Content Of The Rivals

Once again, Disney plus is most likely overtaking Hulu when it comes to their content offered. Hulu knows that it is fighting an uphill battle with Disney plus. Imagine going against the animation world superpowers of Pixar, Dreamworks, 20th Century Fox, and the Disney team. That’s going to be hard to beat when the content provided by those studios are legendary.

Hulu is not quite up to snuff when it comes to the content offered. However, they still stream the animation favorites and comedy golds like Family Guy, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, and more. They have the upper hand when it comes to variety, though, because of the multi-media that they offer – TV Shows, movies, and even documentaries.

  The Subscription Fees Of The Rivals

Netflix, Hulu, and rivals

For the last time, Disney plus dominates over Hulu, this time with their subscription deals. With Disney plus, you have two options for payment. You can go for the monthly one that will cost you $7, or you can go with the yearly one that will cost you $70. Don’t worry, they both offer ad-free streaming with an Ultra HD resolution, now that’s top-tier.

With Hulu, there are 2 options as well. There are four, really, but we won’t count the ones with Live TV broadcasting. Their two plans are labeled as Basic and Premium. The basic subscription will cost you $6, you get full access to their entire extensive library, but you still get ads. The premium will costs you $12, this time, you get none of the ads!


I think it’s pretty apparent which has come out on top of our comparisons. Disney plus has a great deal for their subscription, unforgettable content, and their global accessibility. Hulu is still great for you to subscribe to if you want to check out all of the locally developed shows. Who knows, you might strike some unexpected gold while you’re browsing through!

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