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The Difference Between Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus

Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus

Streaming your favorite movies and shows has never been convenient and easy before. Because of technological advancements, production companies have created streaming apps and platforms accessible to everybody.

While hundreds of movie streamings apps and websites online, three of the most dominant ones are Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus. Since then, these three companies have worked their way to the top and have been offering high-quality movies and shows to their users. 

If you are confused on which streaming app to get, do not worry. In this article, we will shed light on Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu’s features and offer to help you decide which one to get. By the end of this article, you will land on the streaming app that best suits your streaming needs.

Hit shows and movies.

Each platform offers different movies and shows from different production companies. There are shows in each platform that can only be viewed in separate apps. For example, when Netflix produced a particular movie, it most likely can’t be watched or streamed in Hulu or Disney Plus. The same goes for any other streaming website

Disney Plus top 3 best hit shows

If you plan to get Disney Plus, you must know that it has thousands of movies and shows on its platform. If you consider yourself a die-hard Disney fan, then this app is the one for you. 

Three of Disney Plus’s hit shows on the app are The Mandalorian, Forky Asks A Question, and The Simpsons. For Star Wars fans, The Mandalorian is a must-watch series on the app. If you happen to miss Toy Story, Forky Asks A Question is a good show to watch. Lastly, you can also binge-watch The Simpsons again whenever you like. 

Hulu top 3 best hit shows

On the other hand, Hulu also has some fantastic shows to offer its users. Three of their best shows are Too Funny to Fail, The Beatles: The Touring Years, and Minding the Gap. If you want to know the real story behind “The Dana Carvey Show,” Too Funny to Fail is a must-watch. The Beatles fans will also love to get Hulu because they stream the band’s documentary film. 

Netflix top 3 best hit shows

Netflix, being the number one streaming app around the world, also offers some light-striking hits under their production. Three of the best ones they produced is You, The Witcher, and Better Call Saul. If you want a romantic yet thrilling series, You are highly recommendable. If you are a fan of the computer game The Witcher, you need to watch its series. 

Watchlist on the platform.

One of the few things that movie streamers look into a streaming app is the interface of the app or website. Anyone would prefer to have a list of movies according to their preference, but do all streaming apps have that feature? Let’s see.

For Netflix, their watch list is called “My List, and you can find it in the app’s main menu. You can add a movie and show titles on it, and you can also view the shows you have watched. The app also suggests shows that are related to the genre you last attended. Thus, it’s not hard to explore movie recommendations on the app because it suggests one itself. 

Hulu also works similarly to Netflix. However, instead of “My List,” the app has a “My Stuff” menu. You can access featured and related categories to the shows and movies you have watched. Some of these features are “Hulu Picks” and “Live Now.”

Lastly, for Disney Plus, their watch list platform is more straightforward than the other two mentioned. The app’s watch list is called “ Watchlist.” If you want to continue where you dropped off, click on the menu titled “Continue Watching.” 


Whatever streaming app you choose, it is important for you to know the app’s features and offers first before investing in it. Check if the interface is okay, how broad its content library is, and what types of shows and movies they mostly have.  If you do that, you will inevitably end up with a streaming app that will suit your streaming needs.

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