Struggling To Sell Your Indie Film? Stream With GUDSHO

Indie movie is an acronym for an independent movie which is usually a low-budget film made outside of a big film studio. There are many smaller film companies that make these films where the perception of the filmmaker can be seen as prominent. 

For indie filmmakers, the main struggle is about advertising it right or selling it to the right audience. Luckily with the advancements in technology and the presence of the internet, reaching your audience has become far easier than olden days.

So if you have also created your masterpiece and are ready to distribute it, here are some of the most effective ways to do so. Read the article along, and by the end of it, you will be more sure about how and where to sell your indie film. 

Selling Your Creation On A Streaming Platform

Top distributors used to take their films to the top film festivals like Sundance, Cannes, or SXSW which is a matter of spending millions. However, not anymore! This is because technology has bestowed so many ways to distribute digital creations and let the world know.

Today creators head to VOD platforms like Netflix and Amazon for independent film distribution because the majority of the world is on VOD sites. Today it’s more about streaming the content on VODs or OTTs than on anything else. People have said no to cable TVs and other such traditional methods. Today they want content whenever they want and from wherever they want. This facility is best provided by OTT or VOD platforms.

Hence a creator should always try to get their indie film published on VOD platforms. On these platforms, there are many revenue models via which you can earn. Here are the most common revenue methods of VOD platforms.

Ad-Supported Video-on-Demand (AVOD)

In this kind of model, you earn when your viewers stream their content and watch the ads that pop up during streaming. Since this kind of revenue model doesn’t charge anything from the viewers, this one attracts the audience more.

Here the viewers pay with their eyes instead of their credit card; platforms like YouTube and Hulu are popular to run AVOD revenue models.

Subscription Video-on-Demand (SVOD)

This kind of revenue model is more common with Netflix since the platform charges a subscription fee from the viewers. The viewers pay the subscription fee every month or yearly as per their preference and get to stream online. Getting your film displayed on Netflix surely might take some time as they accept films that have already made some recognition or have won some awards.

Transactional Video-on-Demand (TVOD)

This kind of revenue model is more common on Amazon. The platform requires the users to pay a subscription fee and they also allow them to rent independent short films, movies, and videos for an additional cost. This way, Amazon makes a hybrid kind of model where they accept both subscriptions and rentals for their content.

While publishing your film here, you will get an option of EST which means Electronic Sell Through. Here the user will pay a one-time fee and he can stream the content as many times as he wants and keep it forever. Downloading the content is one example of EST. Download to Rent also exists as an option which includes renting a movie for a short period of time.

More Ways To Sell Your Independent Film 

You can also head to Cable Video-on-Demand where channels like HBO, STARZ, and Showtime distribute your content and display it to the audience.

A theatrical release can be another option if budget is not a constraint. With this, you get the opportunity to flash your film on the big screen and get recognized by a wide number of audiences.

You can also create a buzz among your audience by releasing a trailer. This will make your fans aware of the film which might make them share it with their social circles.

Social media campaigns are another tactful approach to creating awareness. First, you need to decide who your audience will be, and accordingly, you can create a social media campaign. Once you are sure about the demographics that you want, the ad will be shown to the selected people, who in return, might become your audience to stream your indie film.

Public events will be a unique kind of experience than advertising using traditional methods like TV and motion pictures. Promotional live events seem unusual and people show more interest in attending them. So if you have the kind of budget with which you can promote it like a public event, there are chances that people will be motivated to buy movie tickets for your creation once it hits the theatres.

Create a film website and promote it using digital marketing. This one will work better if you run the social media campaigns and release a trailer side by side. An attractive landing page will be enough to grab the attention of those eyeballs. Provide all the necessary details about your flim such as the link to the trailer, streaming outlets, and dates on the landing page.

GUDSHO – A Premium Platform To Stream Your Movies On

Premium content creators can head to GUDSHO and showcase their creations to the right audience. GUDSHO is a free-to-use streaming platform where you can upload your indie film and get it reached to your viewers. The number one advantage of streaming your movies on other VOD platforms than Netflix, YouTube, and popular ones is that you cut the chase and get your content streamed easily.

GUDSHO provides you with easy monetization options where creators can upload movies, web series, and other video content and earn revenue from streaming. With multiple monetization methods, they offer all advanced tools to enable you to customize your uploads as per your preference.

Reasons To Choose GUDSHO As Your Streaming Platform

Simplified tools help new creators understand the channel setup process easily. Here video publishing is just a matter of a few drags and drops.  

Channel management lets you have complete control over your content so that you can manage all your videos in one place.

With GUDSHO, video uploading is no more time-consuming as it allows you to upload in bulk. With their import option, you can upload multiple videos at once. Additionally, you can keep your audience updated with the upcoming content as GudSho provides scheduling options.

The global Content Delivery Networks ensure smooth and fast streaming where your audience receives the utmost quality of streaming experience.

You can embed your videos anywhere and get more engagement from your viewers.

GUDSHO lets your viewers stream on multiple devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets and on multiple browsers.

The special screening feature lets you invite selected audiences to whom you want to dedicate exclusive videos.

Ideas To Consider For Indie Film Funding

  • Self-funding is the easiest way that will let you do independent film funding. Look into your savings account or a credit card that you can use. First-time filmmakers can succeed using self-funding.
  • Next, you can also ask your friends and family if they can contribute some amount. Ask those who are closest to you and there are more chances to receive help. 
  • There are filmmaking grants from which you can get funding for your film as they are also the common method for receiving funds. However, it might be possible to face some difficulties as these grants are mostly reserved for those who are already recommended in the industry.
  • You can opt for platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo and ask for crowdfunding. This might be a slow process to collect funds, but you should give it a chance.
  • If you are more into house parties then arrange one and announce about fundraising and how you will use it to fund your independent film. 
  • If you believe in your creation, you can also try a loan from an investor. This will include some legal papers however and the investor might also ask for some return on their investment.
  • You can present your proposal to a studio and see if they are interested in funding your project. They might buy the project from you or make you a producer for it.

Time To Wrap Up!

When it comes to distributing your indie film online, there are many ways. One should always focus on the means that are affordable and can fall within your budget. Accordingly, you can decide which platforms and distribution methods you should go with. 

The idea is to create the hook for the audience whether you do it by making a trailer, streaming it on VOD platforms, promoting it through a public event, or following any other way. Once you have identified your audience, you can choose from the above-mentioned methods to promote your indie film.

Additionally, you can build word of mouth through your friends, colleagues, relatives, and anyone who can spread the information about your indie film.

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