How to repair OST file – Step By Step Guide

Removing corruption from the OST file becomes a major challenge when users did not aware of the solution available. However, this write-up describes the reasons for the corruption and the solution to repair OST files. So read it out to become experts in making your valuable data access sable again.

OST is one of the important files because it enables users to check out their data even without an internet connection. It actually saves the synchronized copy of mailbox data when the Cached Exchange Mode is enabled. This file generally forms when the user looks to create a new Outlook profile and configure it with, Office 365, Exchange, or IMAP.

Sometimes, users will face issues/errors while accessing their OST file due to multiple factors. This blog has explained some reasons for OST file corruption and how to repair OST files, which will be done through manual methods and third-party software.

Reasons for Corruption in Outlook OST Files

There are various numbers of possibilities that will make OST corrupted, but we have illustrated some most common situations, which you can find below:

  • Whenever Outlook is running and suddenly it gets closed may bring corruption in the OST file.
  • If the OST file located in network shared path due to connectivity issues, the chances of corruption increase.
  • The malware attack on the system where the OST files are saved will also be the probable reason for OST corruption.
  • OST can also corrupt when the user abruptly closes down the system.
  • Any hard sector is available on the hard drive, and if your OST file is also present there, then the probability of corruption in OST becomes prominent.

How to Repair a highly corrupted OST file?

Well, users who have come here for the solution for repairing the corrupted OST file will have two options: the free solution or a third-party OST repair tool. However, we have explained both methods to provide better clarity. 

We have so far about the probable situation when the OST comes under the threat of corruption. In normal situations, when there is an availability of Exchange Server, users can form the new OST file and removes the old file. However, a few manual solutions enabling users to repair OST files have been discussed here.

Requires Updating the OST folder

If the issue detects in any particular OST folder, you need to make changes. If the Exchange Server is available, users must remove the affected item inside that folder. Follow the step shared below to update the folder:

  • Kindly launch MS Outlook by clicking right on the required folder.
  • Now it’s time to click on Properties.
  • After that, the new dialogue box will appear where the user is required making a click on clear offline items. Click on it to move on.
  • Now hit on the Send/Receive tab, where you need to press the update folder option.

This method is not considered suitable for those who are looking to repair OST files in multiple numbers. And the chances of removing corruption is also doesn’t higher.


ScanOST.exe is found on earlier versions of Outlook that allow users to remove corruption from their OST file. But now, with the new version, ScanPST.exe comes up. First, users need to find this tool; its location depends on the Outlook version. Once you succeed in the location of the ScanPST.exe, you need to start with running this utility. So to know how to repair an OST file using this method, kindly follow the given below procedure:

  • Go to the location of the ScanPST.exe utility and double-click on it to start repairing the corrupted OST files.
  • Now the inbox tool will pop up where you will see an option (browse) to add the OST file. Kindly click on it to add the required file.
  • Click on the Start button to find out the corruption in the file. 
  • Before proceeding further, make sure to hold the backup of your data. Now click on the Repair button to initiate a process.

Now you have seen how this utility will help you repair OST files, but multiple shortcomings attached to it. It cannot repair the OST if the level of corruption is higher. It does not even promise to remove the corruption, which makes this method non-favourable for users.

So there is a need for the exchange OST recovery tool, which will outclass other available methods.

Why do users need to consider Shoviv Exchange OST Recovery Tool?

We have seen that solution to repair an OST file that does not promise to simultaneously remove the corruption from multiple and highly corrupted files. So instead of losing hope, we suggest users try the third-party software.

Shoviv Exchange OST Recovery tool is one the better examples users can remove corruption from the OST. This utility has so many advanced features that are easier to navigate due to its intuitive user interface. Users can add various OST files, and after that software scans them for corruption. It also promises to maintain the folder hierarchy as it was earlier. 

It has got excellence in repairing the larger sized OST file, and later on, once it repairs them, the user will get the option to save the healthy OST files into MSG, EML, HTML, etc. Users can also customize the process by applying the required data filter option available on the software.

They can try out the software’s free demo version to be hands-on with the listed functionalities. Using it, they can process the first 50 items from each OST file folder. 

Summing Up

So this was it; we have tried to clear the doubt of many users by introducing the solution to repair OST files which constitute free and paid solutions. Users might face problems while using the manual solution as they have many limitations. On the other side, the third-party software discussed here provides multiple advantages, like users can repair multiple files at the same time, etc. Ultimately, we will suggest examining their requirements and then choosing any of the listed solutions.

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