Powerful way to resume Expired Downloaded File in IDM

We are using IDM which is the best download manager for downloading files in max possible speed. The features of IDM makes its best download manager in the world. But there is one and the only disadvantage of IDM, you may have noticed that not all files we download from internet Support Resuming on IDM. And if we resume the file it starts from the beginning, which is awful.

This is the most common situation which you face when you try to download large files from the internet. In such a case if your internet connection is slow (or at least good), Then it is really a waste of time for you to try downloading a big file which doesn’t support resume.

This means even if your file downloading has been completed till 99.99% if it stops for some reason. You just can’t resume the download, the file will not start downloading again. So it will be a waste of your bandwidth and time. This incident happens because there are many useful websites (Example: – Savefrom.net, Zbigz.com, etc.) which doesn’t support resuming the downloading file, you have to download the entire file in one try only else you have to reinitialize your download.

Firstly let me tell you that this situation may arise due to the following Reasons:

  • Due to unexpected power loss
  • Your Internet connection has problems
  • The server has not responding
  • You may Accidentally pause/cancel your download.

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So I will tell you a trick which will help you to resume Expired or broken file downloads on IDM, which don’t support Resume.

Resume a Expired Downloaded File in IDM

We always download files with an Address, the address is the location of that file. we give the address in the download URL box so the software download data from that specific location. So in this Trick what we do is we change the old File Address with the new one to Again Start the download. Let’s try to download a video from the popular YouTube video Downloader en.SaveFrom.net

Any file you are downloading in IDM will have an address on the web where it is stored.

Method First to resume an expired link in IDM

To see the address right click the file from IDM and select the last option i.e. properties.
This address is the thing where the real magic will happen. Now if you resume any link and you are unable to resume it because of the expired link or broken link.

Waiting  in IDM

So just Right click the file and select refresh download link, This will open the browser and will take you to the page from where you downloaded that file now download the file again, as soon as you proceed to download your link will be updated and the file will be resumed at once.

Powerful way to resume

If this above process doesn’t work then you have to do it manually this is simpler than the above-discussed process.

For manually refreshing the link you just have to download the file from the same website and when the download box appear to choose download later option.
Now you will see the new file in the IDM panel right click and go to properties and click on address bar press ctrl +A and copy all of the address.

resume Expired Downloaded File in IDM

And then open the properties of the old file and remove its address and paste the new one, You are done!.
Now you can resume the old file from where it stopped means if it stopped from 50% or 80% or anything the resume will start from there.

This trick can be done with each and every file you download from the web, which doesn’t support resume. But remember the file should be from the same website and server. If you got your problem solved then please like our Facebook page. Thank you for reading.

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