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Simplicity of Downloading Videos: Video Downloader apps

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Video Downloading has been one of the most trending topics nowadays. Today multimedia’s most favorite element is considered as video. It is used almost in all the interests of humans, including the educational, advertisement, promotions, and entertainment. Network error issues, mostly people prefer downloading videos. Following are various video downloading apps used on mobile supporting Android, respectively:

FrostWire Plus:

FrostWire Plus is a free-of-cost and open-source Android app that lets one download from BitTorrent, YouTube, SoundCloud, and other platforms. One may tend to search, download, and play, respectively. Also, a media player is provided with this suit. You can even copy & paste the YouTube link, FrostWire’s search bar, which will download the selected content. One can filter results by file type based upon parameters: Music, Videos, Images, Applications, Documents, Torrents, and News.
 Video Downloader apps


  1. FrostWire tends to connect to many different torrent search engines. These include YouTube, SoundCloud, and Digital Library of Free Bookstack.
  2. one is able to stream files from YouTube it gets the download, can play part-by-part.
  3. One can simply click and thereafter selecting a single file from a torrent.
  4. One can easily browse and access various downloaded and stored contents. Even media player waives of the need of new player apk.

OG YouTube :

It is a YouTube-type app for Android, which is modded and enables one to download videos from YouTube. In Simple terms, cloning of the default YouTube app with an additional download button and other features as well. One can download any video quality from YouTube and can download the video as mp3too! It allows for sharing the downloaded videos easily. Some Features Include:

  • Downloading any video with any quality One wants and supports a download of 3D videos and subtitles.
  • Download Speed provided is quite high on OG YouTube
  • It supports Multiple Video
  • It provided a Pop-up video Player.

Vidmate: Vidmate launched for android is a powerful application-to-application and PC to download videos from various site. The Vidmate download makes one able to watch the latest HD movies and series, watch live TV, download the most recent songs, etc. Vidmate provides a fast download technology, from YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms. Following are the key features of vidmate apk:

  • The application can be utilized consistently day or night.
  • The best part is that the application is totally free of expense.
  • Vidmate app tends to perform various tasks one can download any video or audio and can proceed with your other work.
  • The app has an inbuilt download manager helps to resume or pause.


This app will allow downloading one’s favorite YouTube videos in any quality that may range from144p to 4K from Android Phone It has a multithread downloader which makes multiple downloads at fast speed. Great synchronization over video. Once the connection of the network is lost, it has an automatic pause and resumes downloading capability. Following are various features of GetTube


  1. It tends to Support downloading of all resolutions including 1080p, 1440p and 4K even with Audio in all bit rates
  2. It dramatically supports the download of subtitles for the videos.
  3. With authorization, one can seek of Age Restricted Videos
  4. In Fast Download, there are three modes:

In this way, Video Downloading is gaining immense popularity. But the expectations of customers have raised to provide other related features like web series, stable performance and less data usage is still to be met accurately.

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