Steps To Create A Facebook Page For Your Business

Facebook has become an important part of the marketing strategy of every business. A Facebook business page is a place where you can develop a relationship with the consumers. It is an important tool for the effective operations and marketing of your business

It will allow you to perform numerous tasks ranging from answering the queries of the customers to sharing content and nurturing prospects. When you sit to create a page, you might find the entire process to be overwhelming. However, you need to look at it as an opportunity to grow your business and tackle it in a strategic manner.

Getting started with Facebook Page For Business

First and foremost, you need to head over to Create a page and choose from the two given options. You need to choose a business or brand and a public figure or a community. Once you click on Get Started, you need to choose the Business option. You will now see a specific menu that will allow you to tailor the options to the type of business you own. You can provide the page name here and select the category which describes your industry the best. Fill out all the sections in the form to complete this step. 

Steps To Create A Facebook Page For Your Business
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Page Tabs and Templates

Your Facebook page is the most important page for your business, hence you need to ensure that everything is in place. Click on the Settings tab on the right-hand corner and select the correct tab for your industry. You will see a menu on the left-hand side and click on the tab which reads “templates and tabs”. You will have to choose the right template here. If you have an e-commerce business, you can set it to shopping. 

If you do not want the shopping template, you can choose the business template. In a shopping template, you will be able to showcase your products in the form of photos, videos, reviews, offers and more. In the business template, you have tabs like reviews, photos, posts, videos, events, about, info, community, ads and more. You can add a call to action button on the page. Now go to the page audience tab and choose your target audience. You will be able to select the countries your business interacts with and you can also set your business location.

Facebook Page Profile Photo and Cover Photo

You might have your personal Facebook profile but this is all about your business. Your cover photo will be the first thing that a user will notice on your page. The article from Digital Logic entitled “How to Create the Ultimate Facebook Business Page” suggests that you use the cover photo section of a Facebook business page as a free advertising space. It can be used to promote brand awareness, upcoming events, or discounts on services. 

It has a large space and you can make it work for your business. You can share a photo of the products you offer or advertise an event coming up. You could simply share details about a discount you are offering. You only need to ensure that the cover photo is impactful. You can also import a video that is between 20-90 seconds and no smaller than your cover photo. Make it something fun and inviting. 
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For your profile picture, you need to represent the brand in the best possible manner. Keep the image clean and do not cram a lot in little space. Make your profile picture uncomplicated and ensure it is familiar to the customers. Choose something simple like a trademark or a logo. The profile picture should blend well with the cover photo. Majority companies use their logo for the sake of simplicity.

Facebook Business Page Username 

The username of your Facebook page should correspond with the business you own. It allows potential customers and strangers to be able to find your business and tag it. It is very important and easiest to implement. The best way to go about is to use the business name as your user name. If you have a local business, add the city name at the end of the username. 
Facebook Business Page Username

Build Engagement through a button

The best way to push visitors to take action on your page is by adding a button. It will get your conversations and will attract higher traffic on your website. You simply need to click on Add a button and you will be directed to the call-to-action menu. 

You can choose from the options available here. The options include learn more, get in touch, book services, download app or make a purchase. Pick one which best fits your business. If you sell products, you can go to the Shop with your option. After selecting the button, you need to enter the URL of the product’s page you want the audience to be redirected to.

 FB Business Page Additional details

After you have spent time and effort to get your page up to par with the necessary buttons and visuals, it is time to add important information to the page. You need to click on the Settings tab on the upper right-hand corner and then click on Page Info on the left side of the page. You will see a menu here and you need to input all information about the business like location, about you, contact and working hours. Keep it simple, easy to read and straightforward.

Promote the business on FB

This page has the ability to help you interact with consumers and provide them with information about your business or products. It will work as the main lead generation page and will attract higher traffic to the website. 

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You can build an ultimate facebook page with these steps. Remember to update the information on your page from time to time. Keep the content relevant to your business and continue to engage with the consumers here. You can share as many posts as you like but do not flood the timeline with the same. You can also schedule posts for ease and convenience.

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