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Web & App Development

Is Web development still in demand 2021?

Web development

Today every second person can boast of the skills of creating websites and applications, using the same constructors. But the field of information technology is not limited to the creation of pages and sites. After all, there are different areas of activity that are useful in certain areas. As for the preservation of relevance, one can unequivocally say: some technologies will soon be replaced by new ones. And there is no doubt that in the near foreseeable future robots will understand how to make a website mockup and be able to perform a number of other functions.

There are a number of reasons why web development will not lose its relevance in the foreseeable future:

  • the market is in high demand;
  • the need to implement new solutions;
  • increasing demand for IT services;
  • lack of analogs of Internet marketing, which could be compared in terms of effectiveness.

Therefore, it is still too early to talk about any radical changes, but some still appeared on the horizon. For example, augmented and virtual reality, voice search and improved website optimization mechanisms. In general, there is much to move.

Flaws hurt business

Reasons why the website may be frowned upon by users:

  • lack of a properly prepared mobile version,
  • lack of appropriate facilities for people with disabilities,
  • opaque structure and navigation,
  • low efficiency and speed of work,
  • too complex for users with less digital experience.
  • If we know about the potential of our users, we will definitely spend more time refining the mobile version of the website.


Mobile devices differ from laptops and computers in five key ways:

  • size phones are much smaller, so items on the screen need to be resized to be legible.
  • resolution if in the case of the desktop version we have a lot of space at our disposal, then in the mobile version there is much less space. It is worth abandoning additional blocks that do not contribute anything to the project and unnecessary “obstacles”.
  • screen orientation on a mobile device, we tend to use a vertical orientation, but in the case of computers, it is more a horizontal orientation. However, it should be remembered that the user can turn his phone at any time, and our site must be ready for this.
  • work the computer and laptop are controlled with a mouse or touchpad, which affect the movement of the cursor. This is a very accurate solution. In turn, we use the phone with our fingers, which are not so precise due to the area of ​​contact with the screen. It is important that the items you want to click are sized appropriately and that individual links do not overlap.
  • parameters cells usually have worse parameters than computers. Using resource-intensive elements on a website can result in slower speed and performance.

Mobile users expect our website to load quickly and navigate easily to the information they want. In this we will be helped by the maximum transparency of the layout and simplicity, that is, immortal minimalism both in the field of UX and UI. If we spend most of our time on the mobile version, and the desktop version is based on the simple mobile version, it seems obvious that we shouldn’t overdo it with extending the desktop version. So are modern websites easier? Of course yes.

Development of the trend of using motion design

Nowadays, web design has earned the respect it deserves for a long time, mainly because developers realized that the user interface can influence the user experience on any site. This is why design promises to be so in demand next year because it contains elements that add new dynamism to websites of all types.

Basically, the work of a designer involves working on the visual component:

  • heading transitions;
  • drop-down menus;
  • dynamic pop-ups;
  • animated buttons that have some dynamics.

However, motion design is not just about animating elements. In this way, the traffic design will bring web pages to life by “offering” certain navigation to the visitors.

The idea is to improve the user experience and user experience by moving around, highlighting important navigation elements, providing a sweeping interactivity, and grabbing the user’s attention to trigger a specific action or behavior. Movement is essential for interaction, which is why motion design is becoming more prevalent by the minute.

Website development services offers a range of opportunities needed to attract customers. But still, you need to keep up with the times and use the experience of successful projects, planning your own activities.

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