Significant internet marketing trends that every entrepreneur should know

Today, mobile and internet technology is expanding at a swift pace! The online advertising and marketing initiatives are becoming digitally driven. The new age brands and companies interact with their existing and new users, via social media channels, sites, video content, blog post, text messaging, and many more. And this, in turn, enhances the marketing and SEO campaign using rich customer engagement information.

What makes an entrepreneur smart and far sighted? It is the realization, that being competitive doesn’t only mean catering the new industry trends, but also staying much ahead of that. Today, it is essential to opt-in for advanced online marketing tactics and tools. For this, you need to join hands with a company that specializes in internet marketing and other allied services. To know more, you can connect with Atomic Design SEO expert in Nashville.

Also, it is essential to be aware of some crucial internet marketing trends. A few are discussed below:

Leverage the trend of live video

Live video has become a widespread phenomenon! Right from Facebook to Instagram, there are other platforms as well that offer the users with advanced tools for broadcasting their live stream. You can opt-in for this any time, and the entrepreneurs should leverage it well. Through a live video, you provide your online users and viewers better insights. They get to know more on recent projects, business suggestion, and other relevant topics, that you want to dwell on.

Significant internet marketing trends that every entrepreneur should know

That is not all! With live videos, you can engage with the online users real-time! It enhances your customer interaction and adds a personal touch to your business. If you have been waiting to address and respond to customer queries, live video is a smart call. You can use it for free. Also, it doesn’t need any extra time for editing the footage. Entrepreneurs across any industry can opt-in for this tool and enhance the overall internet marketing strategy.

Mobile marketing and geo-fencing

Today, the predominance of digital devices and Smartphone’s made geo-fencing a vital tool for marketers. It is crucial in gaining audience attention and staying of the marketing objectives. With the help of GPS and Bluetooth technologies, the geo-fencing can forward the targeted messages to your targeted users who stay in a specific locality.

Geo-fencing has several customer benefits. It enables them to function smart devices, obtaining a grocery list notifications when you are close to a store and also opening the garage doors. Marketers can aim for hyper-targeted localization through geo-fencing. Also, they can track down chosen metrics. It could be aspects like the time customers are inside the store, the duration they choose, things they buy, and many more. Using this data, marketers can personalize suggestions to the local markets and individuals.

Augmented reality that helps in good product visualization

Today, there’s been fabulous development in the augmented reality tracking section! Brands like Amazon have executed augmented reality for their product visualization tactics. This trend is here to stay. The users today can place decor items, furniture, and devices inside their home or other physical spaces through the mobile device, to check the fit and appearance. 

It helps them to make an informed buying decision. The technology is also moving towards entertainment and gaming divisions and more. And it is loaded with several practical applications that you can use daily. In the upcoming year, online marketers and SEO experts anticipate that the leading e-commerce brands will say yes to augmented reality to enhance the online customer experience.

The trend of stories and polls in Instagram

Today, social media platforms too, are making the most of internet marketing! One of the leading names, Instagram, have come up with Instagram Stories. It allows users to create and share 15-seconds posts through an image or video format on Instagram. Similar to Snapchat, Instagram Stories also disappear within 24 hours. It is also a fantastic way to highlight a brand’s “behind the scenes” content.

The capacity to test the ideas and concepts fast through polls in Instagram Stories enables brands to know the public view and thought. Every brand should know what their target customers want and address the pain points and queries through their content and services. Are you planning to make a new product/service launch? Do you wish to create an original broadcast or content type? If yes, you need to get sure whether your customers will find it helpful or not. When you engage in a poll post, you understand what your customers want most. 

And when you give them what they want, it maximizes the customer engagement ratio. Are you very quick to say yes to the new SEO or marketing trends? If yes, you will always find yourself ahead of the digital competition. And when you make the most of Instagram Stories and make a poll, you also have your customers with you. That’s something every established brand wants.

Make the most of tools like IGTV

Simply put, IGTV stands for Instagram TV. The popular social media site recently introduces its unique TV segment on the app that enables the influencers and brands to come up with exclusive content for a longer duration than the Instagram Stories. The tool doesn’t work the way YouTube does.

For starters, instead of a horizontal video format, IGTV encourages Instagram account holders to come up with vertical videos as their content. The form is the same as Instagram Stories. The tools enable the video curators to come up with videos that are 10 minutes in duration. And if your account has the verified sign and you have a huge follower count, you can make 60 minute long videos as well. Today, individual users, as well as brands, find IGTV as an advanced online marketing tool. It has the potential to assist online marketers in implementing the same to their present marketing strategy.

These are some of the essential internet marketing trends that you should know! The journey of an entrepreneur is laden with challenges that demand smart decision making. Being aware of the five trends discussed above will enable them to come up with updated decision making and enhance online marketing campaigns.

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