6 Most Popular Types of Web Design to Consider for Your Website

Having a website is like owning physical property – it must make visitors feel comfortable with it. A poor user experience can lead to disaster. A well-designed website will show off a company’s talents, products, and services. 

A website that offers a great experience to visitors will be much more likely to be successful. Here in this articleCreaa Designs will take a look at six different types of web design that can provide your website with a unique look.

What Is Web Design?

Web design is the process of making a website that enables users to navigate through the site and interact with it. These web designs are created by highly professional web designers who are proficient in programming. 

Approximately 1 billion websites live on the internet, and each of them has a different design according to the need of the client. The task of designing a website involves putting a business’s image across to consumers and the public. 

Types Of Website Design

It is important to select the right type for your business and ensure that it meets the needs of your target audience without breaking the bank and if you are confused on what to choose consult Nestler Creation as they will guide you what will be best for you as per your business type

Single Page :

This kind of web design is easy to implement. You can use single-page web design to provide little information on any niche. You can create your portfolio website on this design or can promote any product specifically. 


● Easy to use, as anyone can create a website with this design.

● Provide you simple and clear website.


● You can’t use a single-page web design for selling products or any services.

Responsive Design : 

Responsive design can be used for a variety of purposes, such as blogs, e-commerce sites, and more. Because the layout can adjust according to the size of the browser, it is suitable for different users and can accommodate different devices and screen resolutions. It is ideal for users with different mobile devices and can be easily read by anyone on any screen size. Most web design companies, like Web Designing Company Mumbai recommend this design.


● Easy to load on mobile, tablets, or any other devices.

● Doesn’t affect the website loading speed.


● These web designs took more time to create and also needed good coding knowledge.

Static Website :

Static websites use HTML and CSS to program their content, which isn’t constantly changing. They are best suited for websites that rarely change, like blogs. Static websites are much faster to develop. Moreover, they allow you to use APIs to create dynamic content that changes according to the preferences of the user.

Compared to dynamic websites, static websites are significantly cheaper. They can be built quickly, require less bandwidth, and don’t need any additional security. They can also be updated by non-technical people without any technical knowledge. 


● This type of website requires little maintenance and can be developed with basic coding knowledge.


● They do not offer as many advanced features as dynamic websites.

● Less customizable

Dynamic website :

A dynamic website is one that changes its content on a regular basis. A dynamic website is a great way to make your site more user-friendly. It allows you to change your site’s content, which will allow you to respond to comments and questions in real time.

It also provides an interactive, customized interface and a better browsing experience. In a dynamic website, data from the web browser is passed to the website server, where it is processed by a scripting engine and generated into a page. 

Depending on the data passed by the user, different content can be generated at different times of the day or depending on environmental variables. For instance, a real estate listing website can have hundreds of pages that list available properties.

Dynamic websites are very modern. They can change according to user actions and are preferred by many users. They are also more interactive with clients. A good example of a dynamic website is a website that allows for the page to change based on the visitor’s time zone or language. 


● Provide a more interactive user experience.

● Highly customized design as you can change according to your needs.


● It is a more complex process and can be expensive to design. You will need a high-end web server and a skilled programmer to create a dynamic website.

Liquid Design : 

Liquid design websites are also recognized by the name of fluid web designs. Fluid websites adapt their layout to fit different screen sizes, reducing the amount of horizontal scrolling required. 

This also means that a fluid website can scale its content according to the width of the browser window. Fluid design websites are more compatible with various browsers, and their code and design are easier to maintain. This is among the best website design types.


● Fluid design websites are very helpful for websites that target a broad audience.

● Easy to create


● Difficult to implement on smaller screens, and many users may not be able to view it properly on small screens. 

Fixed Design :

A fixed-design website layout has a fixed width. This means that the width of the site does not change, even when the user’s screen changes. Designers often prefer this type of layout because it allows them to customize the look of the website, even if the browser window shrinks or widens. 

Fixed-design websites are more traditional than their fluid counterparts, and they have their advantages and disadvantages. 


● They’re easier to customize and style. The text won’t overpower the graphics. 

● The fixed design also allows you to use background images with fixed dimensions.


● Traditional design


Depending on the purpose of your website, you can use different types of web design to make your website stand out and can enhance your website’s user experience. For instance, a personal website can serve as a personal brand and should have a distinct look. 

A personal website that sells services can include landing pages with different service packages, and it also needs to include contact details.

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