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Tips for Hiring a Web Developer for Your Small Business

Hire Web Developer

Having a business without a website can cause you to lose a number of opportunities to take your business ahead. Being a part of the digital world, having a business website is imperative to show your online presence. A website undoubtedly can take forever to build enough traffic, but it is the best online strategy to promote your business. It provides you a medium to communicate with your target audience. 

Just think about a sales executive who is supposed to have convincing skills to persuade people buying products and services. Likewise, your website is a tool that you use to tell about your business to your customers. Therefore, it must be impressive and engaging. You will definitely need a web developer to create it.

Hiring a web developer is a critical process. It decides the online face of your company that interacts with your audience virtually. If you are facing difficulty hiring a web developer, you should follow these tips.

Look out for these skills

While hiring a suitable candidate, your focus should be on skills and competence to perform a particular task. A web developer must have an understanding of computer languages and most common among them are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Depending on the requirement of your company, the candidate should have command over a particular programming language. However, you should aim at hiring a candidate who has knowledge of different programming languages. The more skills your developer has, the better it is. 

In addition to website designer skills such as PHP, CSS, jQuery, you should also look for graphic design skills such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. 

Judge them on the basis of the interview task instead of their previous work

Of course, you will want to see the previous work of each candidate. This is mandatory to see because it will help you know whether it matches your job requirements. Ask for URLs of the interviewee’s previous work. You should examine those links alive. Check the HTML code and see how it works. 

Ask some questions to have a deeper insight into their creativity. Ask them what portion of it they contributed. Did they take help of a designer or did they do the graphics themselves? Never forget to ask technical questions. However, ignore asking trivial questions such as who was the creator of Java programming language, when was PHP released, etc. This has nothing to do with your projects.  

Instead, you should ask them the approach they used on a particular project, about any problem that they solved without coding, about the workflow they had while creating a web page, about CMSs they have worked with and their knowledge to find an error without a code. 

You will have to assign them a task with a time limit. Best candidates are those who render you the excellent work under stressful condition. A problem-solving interview will help you analyze how fast they can respond. 

Schedule walk-in interviews

A walk-in interview is the best way to attract a large number of applicants. The more applicants you have, the higher the competition will be, and the higher the chances of hiring the best candidate. However, Walk-in interviews can be a bit expensive as you may have to arrange different space for conducting the interview. If your budget is weak, you can take out small business loans in the uk to fund recruitment. A direct lender can approve these loans even if your credit history is bad, but you will likely end up paying high-interest rates.

Look out for flexibility

For any job role, skills are important. As a recruiter, you will have to figure out the competence level of a candidate for your job requirements, but in the technological world, you have to look out for flexibility in the candidate. The technological world is ever-changing. As new technology comes, you need to adapt to it. Programming languages continue to evolve and it is necessary that your candidate is not reluctant to learn new languages.  

Therefore, instead of just focusing skills, you should also focus on how passionate the candidate is toward learning new things. Try to hire a candidate who not only is competent to complete tasks on time but also keeps up to date with industry trends. In addition to a problem-solving ability, your web developer should be flexible to embrace technological changes. 

The bottom line

Bear the aforementioned tips in mind if you want to hire a web developer. However, before hiring, you should know the goals of your website. If you know beforehand what you want to achieve with your website, you will be able to hire a developer as per your requirements. 

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