How to Travel like a Millennial

There are a lot of aspects to take into consideration when planning a trip, from the budget, transportation to accommodations. However, millennials take a bit of a different approach and the travel industry has started to take notice of them as they typically travel in crowds. They are bringing changes to the game and they want to use the opportunity to learn, save, and experience the world in the moment.

Even if you don’t belong in the millennial age group, there are a few things you can learn from their travel techniques, that aren’t all about taking selfies and getting likes on Instagram.

Do your research

It is quite tempting to book the first gorgeous room you see or direct flight, but it pays off to do research and compare. Start a few weeks before your trip so you can solidify flights and give it about a month for accommodation.


It’s common knowledge that millennials are a connected lot. They want free, reliable, and fast Wi-Fi on their travels since they rely on social media to find where to go and what to see. Use this millennial hack and abandon old dusty guidebooks! Follow major travel experts and key players to lead you to your destination. Plan the things you want to see and do by checking them out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Millennials are not at least concerned about crowdsourcing their vacations, which means they simply ask on their Facebook page what the best place to eat at in Rome is and often get a reply that guidebooks simply can’t provide.

Don’t forget to check the visa requirements for your destination while arranging your trip. For example, if you’re planning a trip to Egypt, you can always visit this website to learn more about visa requirements not only for Egypt but also for all other countries you are planning to visit. This is especially important for budget-conscious millennials who are looking for the best travel deals. By doing your research ahead of time, you can save money and avoid any unexpected issues at the airport. Remember, it pays to be prepared and savvy when it comes to travel planning.

Another thing millennials are great at is being thrifty on their travels. Having to deal with massive student loans and high unemployment rates, they had to learn how to save their money so they look for the best travel deals, rather than settling for the first option and paying more. Also, millennials love earning travel rewards. If there’s an opportunity to earn something for a hotel night here or there, they’ll take it to score more free or discounted travel. The idea is that every dollar spent on travel should bring in more travel.

Pack light

Achy limbs and excess luggage fees are what comes with tons of baggage, so pack light and bring only the essentials! Bring only a small suitcase that can pass as hand luggage and anything unnecessary should be left at home. Pack basic wardrobe pieces that can be mixed and matched easily during your trip, rather than packing several books, bring your Kindle, replace your laptop with a tablet, and pack your toiletries in travel-friendly bottles.

pack light

Be responsible and eco-friendly

Millennials are deeply concerned about the environment and when they travel, they look for businesses that support their eco-friendly, sustainable practice and are socially responsible as well. Many different types of accommodations, from hotels, luxury properties to B&B’s, are going green and making a true effort to minimize environmental damage and reinforce sustainability.

eco friendly

In addition to booking these places, millennials still make sure they travel with style so they opt to travel with an ethically-sourced cowhide handbag that is a trendy accessory, can fit lots of travel necessities and easily complements summer vacation wardrobe.

Walk or cycle to get around

Walking or cycling at your destination will not only will you save money on public transport, but you’ll get to see much more of the location without leaving any carbon footprint behind. Just leave the maps behind and give yourself the freedom to stroll down the streets that seem interesting to you, and that’s when you just might stumble across some discover hidden local gems that you would have missed if you’re sat on a bus.

cycle around

Stay awhile and slow down

Millennials have shown a tendency to avoid short trips and prefer to stay away for longer periods of time. Extending your travels gives you the opportunity to enjoy more enriching experiences. Instead of taking the trip to simply tick things off on your travel must-see list because of your limited time frame, take it easy and travel slower. Slowing down your travels, picking the sights carefully and not focusing on seeing everything all at once, will give you more time to absorb the local culture and differences so, in the end, you’ll place more value on the experiences you get.

stay slow travel

Learn something new

Millennials are passionate about culturally enriched travel experiences. As previously mentioned, they want to be engaged in unique activities and gain a better and deeper sense of the world. While on vacation, take a local language class, cooking class, or volunteer for a day or more in a local community or animal shelter.

Search for authentic meals rather than falling into a typical tourist trap and eat right off the main square. Millennials are deeply inquisitive about the world and they want to learn new things when they travel. By participating in a more extraordinary travel experience, you can get a better understanding of your destination, the people and their customs and make some unforgettable memories.

Learn something

Live like a local

Whether you want to save money on your trip or you’re looking to slow down the pace of your travels, the key lies in trying to live like locals rather than behaving like a tourist. Book an apartment in a local neighborhood instead of going to a fancy new hotel in the centre, visit the local bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, and parks that the local people frequent, rather than the places that are set up as tourist magnets. Avoid the usual tourist spots with long queues and discover the true nature of the place you are visiting.

be like local

Avoid guided tours

All the activities previously mentioned are doable if you stay away from guided tours. It’s tempting though to just book onto a tour and let a guide show you all the highlights. When you do your research and make a list of things you want to see, you can wander around and even get lost in discovering new things that never make it in the traditional guidebooks. It’ll save you money but it’ll also reveal to you all of the best hidden spots.

avoid guides

Many people tend to complain about the millennial generation but there is certainly something appealing about the way they travel. They live in the moment and for the moment and prefer to see the world presently and not wait until retirement. With the tips listed here, you can do the same and get to see what’s on the other side with a fresh perspective.

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