5 Best Virtual Travel Experiences to Try at Home

Virtual traveling technology turns a savior during the times we are living in where traveling poses its challenges. There are copious online options that can satiate our travel zeal. We can choose YouTube videos,360-degree cams & private zoom sessions to explore a virtual trip to distant lands, renowned museums, or the local zoo.

Some love traveling across bustling cities while others want to explore mountain tops. Deep caverns are someone else’s thrill while other’s heart yearns for a favorite rock show.  Virtual travel offers solutions for all travel lovers as per their taste. And all this in the comfort of their own homes.

Some of the best virtual travel experiences that we can try at our own homes by using virtual technology are listed below:

Virtual beach trips

Beach trips often come with a package – fun, adventure, and relaxation. The current lockdown restrictions might prevent us from relaxing on the sand of the beaches or surf on the waves. But we need not miss the thrill of a beach trip.

A virtual beach trip from your own living space is all more than we need to satisfy our beach love. To enjoy these beach trips, all that we need is a solid wifi connection and yes, a glass of cabernet sauvignon to live the beach moment.

Most virtual beach trips offer 360-degree views to give us a comprehensive tour experience. For instance, a walk on the Miami South Beach or a hearty tour around the Amilla Fushi resort in the Baa Atoll of the Maldives is all possible with such virtual beach trips.

And the bonus is you can enjoy the beauty of the shoreline of your choice without needing to spend a penny on travel or resorts that would otherwise empty your pocket. 

Virtual Trips to National Parks:

National parks always possess their charm. They are mysterious, attractive and offer the most breath-taking sights for tourists. Amid this ongoing health crisis, most renowned national parks are now open for tourists virtually.

For instance, you can now explore the beauty of Nahuku Lava Tube in Hawaii, just with a few clicks. Sitting comfortably in lounge pants and sipping cabernet sauvignon, we can take a closer look at this volcano borne cave.

If you are in a frenzy of frozen landscapes, a virtual Alaskan trip will not be missed. This virtual tour offers an up-close view of glaciers and icebergs. The tour is so designed that it flows in the same sequence of what the tour would be if we visit Alaska in-person.

Virtual Sightseeing :

Various capital cities are now open for virtual exploration. For example, the virtual tours of Montmarte’s Sacre-Coeur Basilica allow us to enjoy the views of Paris iconic cultural spots online. Similarly, Switzerland’s immersive virtual experience allows travelers to enjoy the view from the peaks of St Moritz and the Lake Lugano shores. Likewise, users can experience virtual boats traveling along the Danube River in Austria.

Virtual museum tours:

Museums are some of the tourist places that are always crowded. If you want to enjoy the history and the heritage without stepping out of home and avoid the risk from crowds, virtual museum tours make a great idea.

With a Sky-TV App and a VR handset, one can enjoy the master collection at the art museums. Similarly, Google Arts provides virtual experiences of top museum tours across the world without leaving your own home. You can also check out Virtual Tours in Vancouver.

Specifically, Amsterdam Rijks museum is known for its impressive VR tour. Various other museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence are also open for personalized tours.

Enjoy online theatre performances:

Multiple virtual viewing options are available for enjoying theatre and cultural performances. For example, the website of London’s Globe theatre offers the live show of Shakespearean. At the same time, the Royal Opera House gives access to the live performances of opera and ballet. We can also watch the performances of opera by Mozart, Verdi, and Puccini through the Opera Vision website.


Virtual travel is an excellent option to add a spark to routine life. The best aspect of these virtual travel resources is most of them are free while others are available at very affordable prices. We can avoid all the travel expenses and cover all the places on Earth through these virtual travel resources. And mainly we can stay safe till the world gets back to normal and we can enjoy the travel with its earlier fun.





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