7 Best Virtual Travel Experiences For Self-Isolation

Global tourist destinations are compelled to shut their doors for visitors due to the ongoing pandemic. Domestic and international traveling is restricted. People are living an isolated life to fight against the invisible enemy. The situation is certainly a big disappointment for travel buffs. 

Fortunately, the advancement of technology has made each corner of the world just a click away through Virtual Travel Experiences.

Virtual Reality Travel refers to the travel experiences that help us explore the world and wander around our favorite places through watching travel-oriented movies, TV shows, or various other platforms on internet-enabled devices.

Though virtual traveling may not be the perfect replacement for traditional traveling, it’s quite relevant when people cannot step out. The virtual travel experience can lift the mood of travel enthusiasts, and it’s worth trying.

Here is the list of 7 Best Virtual Travel Experiences to make the quarantine moments adventurous and joyful.

1.Virtual tour to Seven Wonders of the World

This self-isolation season takes a virtual trip to all the seven wonders of the world, sitting in-home at your comfort.

The Taj Mahal: Built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the reminiscence of his wife Mumtaz Mahal, no other construction beats this marble wonder that always stood as a symbol of love. 

Machu Picchu: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the most visited tourist destination in Peru. It symbolizes the Incan Empire and draws millions of tourists every year from all across the globe.

Petra: Famous for its rock-cut architecture, Petra’s ancient city is famous for its water conduit system. 

Chichen Itza: It is an archaeological site in Yucatan and one of the most popular sites for visitors to Mexico. It is known as the center of pilgrimage for the ancient Maya Civilization for over 1000 years. This place is full of interesting facts.

Christ The Redeemer: The cultural icon of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil is the fifth largest statue of Jesus Christ. This giant structure at Corcovado mountain, Brazil, is a symbol of urban environmental protection.

 Colosseum: Dating as back as to the ancient Roman times, this huge amphitheater can hold over 50,000 spectators. This Colosseum or Coliseum is situated in Rome, Italy.

The Great Wall of China: Covering the vast mountains of China’s northern border, the Great Wall of China is one of the tourist places that attracts millions of tourists’ footprint any time in the year. 

2.Explore Art & Culture

Arouse your curiosity by delving into the mystery of various artifacts in the world-famous museums. Take time to travel and learn more about rare pieces with an audio guide.

Vatican Museums: The Vatican Museums are stuffed with a vast collection of artworks ranging from the ancient to the contemporary, including the world-famous Sistine Chapel.

The British Museum: Go on a 360-degree virtual tour and appreciate the beauty of The Rosetta Stone and watch and learn about the Parthenon sculptures and Egyptian mummies of the British Museum.

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam: The Google Arts & Culture tool offers virtual access to the entire museum that is one of the most visited museums and flaunts some of the most treasured artworks in the world.

Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, New York: Protecting as many as 150,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, architectural models, this museum some of the most prized artworks such as Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Rousseau’s The Sleeping Gypsy.

3.Virtual Travel in Nature

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Undoubtedly, isolation grabbed away the chance to enjoy the freshest smell of rain-wet soil and enjoyed bird watching amidst lush green forests. However, nature lovers have plenty of options to fulfill their desire of losing into nature through virtual traveling.

Victoria Falls, Zambia: Zambia is known for its diverse wildlife. However, its most popular possession is undoubtedly the majestic Victoria Falls, the world’s largest waterfall. 

Grand Canyon, Arizona: The US National Park Service offers 360-degree views of the Grand Canyon’s most popular spots. This is a not-to-miss opportunity for nature lovers.

Central Park, New York: Enjoy the beauty of this most filmed place in the world, with just a click from your laptop.

4.Touring through TV Shows and Movies:

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Quench your wanderlust enjoying the travel-centric TV shows and movies. Grab a big tub of homemade popcorn and sit on the balcony and lose yourself into TV shows such as “An Idiot, Abroad”, “Long Way Round”, “ The Amazing Race” etc. Also add classic travel-movies such as “A Walk in the Woods”, “Out of Africa”, “The Motorcycle Diaries”, “Into the Wild” into your watchlist.    

5.  Virtual Trip to Disneyland

Beat the boredom of isolation by turning into a kid again. Take an interactive virtual tour of this magical land. Lose into the beloved characters and their captivating settings and forget all that is happening around you. Uncover the secrets of this fairy land along with family and kids at the comfort of your home.

6.    Virtual Online Performances

Do not miss the chance to enjoy your favorite artists’ online performances and concerts: warehouse raves, concerts, theatrical performances, live streams, opera, or ballet. Lockdown can no more stop you from enjoying favorite performances.

Grab a bottle of blantons and shake away the isolation blues by joining your favorite Rockstar virtually. And yes, most of these are free to access.

7.     Out of the Earth Travel

Want an escapade from the ongoing hullaballoo on the Earth? A virtual space tour offered by NASA promises that. Do not miss this thrill of exploring outer space through their virtual space exploration tours. 

NASA also has great apps for kids and family for 360 degrees virtual tours. With just a click, tour the moon or dive into galaxies.


Travel, in its earlier sheen, is a little far away. Consider isolation as a way to protect yourself and your loved ones. Meanwhile, beat the boredom of isolation and get some peace of mind and relax with these virtual tours. Rekindle the travel bug and destress with all-amazing virtual tours without stepping out of home.

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