5 Important Things To Pack While Travelling With Little Kids

Written by: Cindy D’Silva

New parents tend to avoid travelling ‘until their kids are older’ but they don’t realise how many opportunities are lost in the process of waiting. To avoid regrets or grudges against your kids because of the ‘sacrifices’ you made, it is advisable to grab every opportunity you get to travel even while your kids are little. Who knows? You may or may not get that opportunity again.

Travelling with little kids does not have to be tedious though it surely tests your strength and patience while you’re supposed to be relaxing. Dragging prams and baby bags are already frightening, yet, you will be able to handle that easily if you pack appropriately. 

As a new parent, we tend to overload our suitcases that now include kiddie things, too. But did you know that carrying the bare minimum lets you relax and also lets your baby explore life out of its comfort zone? There are only a few things you NEED to carry for your kids. Some of them are:

Toothbrush and Toothpaste: 

Little kids cannot use the toothpaste given in some hotels so it is better to carry toothpaste tubes for kids so that during the vacation and eating out, their dental hygiene is sorted. 

Wet Wipes: 

When kids eat outside, it is important to show them how to clean up after themselves and not leave food particles on their faces or clothes. Starting from a young age makes a lot of difference. The easiest way to let this happen is to show them how to clean themselves with a wet wipe and throw it away in the right place. Wet Wipes also help give them a cooling effect for some time.

Water Bottle: 

Carrying a water bottle is good for us as well as for the kids. Many parents carry everything else but a water bottle as it increases weight. Carrying water, especially on long trips, is important to keep the kids hydrated and avoid strokes.

Appropriate clothing: 

Check the weather conditions of the place you are travelling to and make sure you have packed the bare minimum yet appropriate clothing to not exceed the airline weight limits. For eg. Carrying one or two jackets for the whole trip works better than carrying several types just because they exist.


Kids are exposed to a lot while travelling. This includes germs and other bacteria. Therefore, depending on their immunity, carry the basic medicines for colds and fever, just in case.


Even if you don’t carry jewellery, toiletries, cosmetics, fancy outfits, etc. the above-mentioned are the basic things that you will need to carry while travelling with little kids. Their health and hygiene must be of utmost importance when stepping out of the house. While some kids can handle it, some kids may need extra care while they are out of their comfort zone. So, it’s better to be well-equipped with the basic necessities before packing other items while travelling with little kids. 

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