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How to Plan a Simple Engagement Party on a Budget

Plan a Simple Engagement Party

After the engagement, it’s time to make things official and celebrate your relationship milestone with friends and family!  Although not necessary, we do love to make things official with an engagement party.

We heard someone say the other day, “Engagement parties sound all fun and games until you realize they can get quite expensive at times.” Although the statement was true, changing the narrative is always an option! There are simple strategies that you can follow to minimize the expenditure in no time. 

When hosting an event, you do not necessarily have to throw a ground-breaking party to celebrate your joyous moment. You can save plenty of money only through cutting down on a few expenses and planning the event strategically — without compromising on the fun parts! 

Here, we have compiled for you the answer to how to plan a simple (yet chic) engagement party on a budget! 

1. Allocate a budget

While it may seem pretty obvious, a crucial step towards saving is allocating a set budget to the event. Sort your bills and decide the amount of money you are willing to spend on the party.

Then, list down all the things you want to have at the event. These things can include anything from the decor to the activities for the day — whatever comes to your mind. Once you have allocated an overall budget and have a list of things you want, divide the list into two sections: The necessary elements and the optional ones. 

Now, put your primary focus on the essential part of the list. The optional half of the list will then become your secondary concern, which you can tend to afterward. The key is to plan instead of spending mindlessly. 

2. Décor

Remember that the event will last only for a few hours, so you do not have to buy overly expensive things just for the sake of it. Thus, go for cheaper alternatives like a few string lights across the patio and, if possible, try and DIY.

Doing DIY projects is much more fun and, even more importantly, saves a ton of money! Keep it as minimalistic as you can — not only does it help you stay on budget, but is aesthetic and saves a lot of time.

3. The Engagement

If you want to have a party the same day as the engagement, you must first take care of the Engagement ring. It is not just any other accessory. It’s a token of appreciation and devotion for your loved one. In other words, the first step towards forever with your twin flame.

Thus, make sure you get a beautiful ring that shows your fiancé-to-be how much they mean to you. We are huge fans of Aquamarine Engagement Rings. They are a symbol of courage, sincerity, and everlasting love. Also, if you want to keep everything on a budget, aquamarine engagement rings are the perfect choice for you!

4. Invites 

Choose who you want to have at your party. Note that it is not obligatory to invite all guests you plan to call on your wedding day. Instead, arrange a small gathering of close family and friends. 

When talking about invites, some people like to get their invites printed. However, that’s not much of an obligation either since we all live in the era of technology. You can invite all guests via texts or calls. In any case, if you think printing an invite is a much better option, you can conveniently get only one card printed and circulate the image via text!

5. Food and Drinks

Frankly, when attending an engagement party, the guests do not expect a buffet dinner or lunch. Hence, the food and drinks part is where you can save the best amount. Try and organize the party at a time of the day when people do not have meals, so you can opt for serving small bites. Ideally, these times are mid-afternoon or post-dinner.

Moreover, ensure that the food you choose to serve coordinates well with your budget. You can get creative and arrange things like baked potato bars with a green salad or spaghetti and meatballs, etc. However, if you want to organize it at mealtime, you can ask the guests to bring a dish along with them. That is if the guests are super close to you and your partner!

6. Location 

Another thing that keeps you on a budget is deciding the location. Booking a separate venue like a hall will cost a lot and is not suited for small gatherings. Thus, try and arrange the party in your backyard or go for a picnic! Both these alternates are super chic and cost-effective.

Final Thoughts

Lately, don’t get too caught up in things that you forget to enjoy your day. Remember, these events are supposed to bring joy to you and your loved ones. Have fun, and stay blessed!

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