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A mother is a parent who is sent from above because the angels couldn’t be everywhere. Our mother, biological or not, is the first person we admire, touch and inhale. They bond with us in more ways than one and remain our strength, motivators, mentors and guides throughout our lives. They are the epitome of selfless and unconditional love.

Mothers have given up many things in life just because they chose to have kids. They work, toil and sacrifice in order to keep us comfortable and far from danger, and some do it single-handedly. A working mother is sort of a redundant phrase because whatever the situation, mothers are perpetually working. But having said that, they are also women who have chosen to cater to their family rather than chase a career. Many of them have also kept their hobbies and passions on hold, to devote their time to loved ones.

You would be surprised to know that a recent study showed that almost 75% of mothers felt they needed to live their lives completely for other people. Most mothers put their family’s needs before their own and in the process leave behind their hobbies, interests, talents and capabilities. 

Even though mere items cannot compensate for the love, sacrifice and warmth, here are 8 gift options for moms on Mother’s Day:

Her favourite jewellery

If your mom loves jewellery, there are many options you can select from websites like Tanishq, Giva, Swarovski, BlueStone, etc. Also, taking her to choose from a variety of items from Joyalukkas, Malabar Gold and Diamonds, etc. may be a good option.

Workshops unlimited

If your mom loves to write, paint, cook or learn new things, Udemy is a great platform to find the perfect workshop that she will enjoy.

Trekking trip

Some moms would love to leave everything behind and go trekking in the mountains. Search for some trekking mediators around your area and join her on a memorable climb.

Spa Voucher

Who does not love a relaxing day at the spa? There are plenty of spas now-a-days. Check reviews on Google and give her the best spa experience. In Bangalore, some spa options can be Angsana, Thalassa Spa, Tattva Spa or any of the spas in five-star hotels. You can also book a good beauty package and join your mom for some nice mother-daughter time. Foot massages and also a good option.


If your mom loves to read, you may find books by her favourite authors on Amazon. 


There are plenty of branded perfumes in Tira. Check them out and buy her her favourite fragrance.

Creams, lotions, lip balm

If your mom is a sucker for body items, check out The Body Shop, Bath and Body Works, Forest Essentials, etc.


You’re lucky if your mom wears a lot of make-up as there are plenty of websites offering good quality cosmetics. Some of them are Sugar, Huda, Nykaa, Sephora, Lakme, etc.

Besides the above-mentioned, you can spend time with your mom and help her around the house. You can take her out for a movie or take her to meet her family. Gifting your mom involves making her feel special, so don’t forget to ask her what she wants and then make an informed decision on what to get your mom this Mother’s Day!

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