6 Things A Successful Event Planner Does Daily

Being an event planner takes a lot of cognitive ability and interpersonal skills. The process of organizing an event, regardless of size, from the ground up is stressful and time-consuming. 

To be a successful event planner, one has to have a passion for bringing little details together to create something unique. In order not to organize an event that turns out to be a disaster. An event planner has to work daily to ensure that the necessary details are being taken care of.

To be a successful event planner, here are six things you should consider doing every day; 

Develop your network

The event organization industry is one that is founded on a lot of different personalities and specialists, each lending their expertise to help create good events. A successful event planner should have a lot of connections and should always be looking to have more. 

From high-powered investors to small vendors, everyone has a role to play in the success of your event. Therefore, make an effort to cultivate a trusting relationship will all your clients. Having excellent social skills is a requirement because it helps you to converse with prospective clients and gain their cooperation. You do not have to be very outspoken to be sociable; the ability to make good conversation and engage your listeners will go a long way. 

Look for new trends and ideas

Although most events, especially corporate ones, have to be planned according to specific guidelines. There is still room for a touch of creativity and uniqueness. A successful event planner strives to learn new concepts to be able to deliver fresh ideas and make each event different. 

You need to stay up to date and keep in touch with the latest trends, whether it is a new way or a more natural way of doing things. This way, you will not keep using the same old methods which may be outdated.

Learn to use event planning software

Gone are the days when being an event organiser means piles of notes and paperwork. Although the spreadsheet is still a viable option, a lot of programs are available currently that makes the process a lot easier and faster. 

With tools such as the email proposal template, you can easily pitch your ideas to clients. Track your progress and maintain correspondence between you and your clients. You do not have to be a technology expert as most of the software requires you to only have the basic knowledge to be able to use them. 

Conduct follow up 

After organising a sold-out conference or a beautiful wedding for your clients, the next step is to follow up. This means reaching out to your satisfied clients for feedback and reviews about your service. 

By taking this step, you will be aware of the areas that may need to be an improvement. You will also gain a marketing tool that you can use to upsell yourself to your potential clients. 

Keep track of your performance 

Even if you are a world-renowned event planner with a lot of accolades, there is still room for improvement. Keep track of ticket sales, customers’ reactions to food, drinks and entertainment, adherence to budget and marketing engagement. 

With this data, you would be able to determine where to direct your marketing strategies, how to plan your finances better, and when to employ new vendors. 

Relax and destress

Organizing one or more events takes a lot of energy and mental ability. There are a lot of small and large tasks to carry out and not enough time, which can result in overworking. To avoid burning out due to mounting stress. Take time out to clear your mind of all things related to events and do something for yourself. 

A successful event planner is one who knows how to balance work and life properly. 

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