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Things You Will Need to Sell Event Tickets

Things You Will Need to Sell Event Tickets

Setting up social media accounts with different business pages is not enough if you are going to sell event tickets. After all, you are not going to sell tickets made of papers and ship it to those who buy.

There are a few things that you need to set up before selling those tickets. These pieces of the puzzle will make your life a lot easier and would help sell more and even sell every slot that you have. Below are the basic things you need to help you sell your event tickets.

Event Tickets Website

Setting up an event website will help you gain the trust of your prospects. It is advisable to include your top speakers or performers on your website’s homepage. Also, don’t forget your previous participants, celebrity endorsements, real testimonials, pictures of past events, press mentions, etc.

Update your website regularly, and avoid leaving outdated information published on the site. Look closely to offers and prices and always keep the visitors up-to-date by embedding your event’s social media feeds or maintaining an active blog.

Here are the basic rules of good web content:

  • Begin with your conclusion. Tell the readers about the purpose.
  • Always use headings. It makes the content easy to read.
  • Use meaningful but straightforward sentences and keep it short
  • Use numbers and bullets
  • Set the reader’s expectations by including summaries or overviews
  • Highlight or bold crucial information
  • Mind the copyrights and privacies
  • Keep your websites from distractions. Anything that doesn’t have something to do with your event is not important.

Event management system

One of the essential tools you need to sell your tickets is the registration platform or event management system (EMS). The main job of this platform is to provide a smooth workflow by integrating selling, analyzing, tracking, and other tools that are needed to get the job done.

These are the things you need to see from an EMS:

  • Engagement tools to help your previous attendees to remember you, helping you sell more tickets in the future
  • Event marketing tools to help you stay in contact with, again, get more sales
  • Reporting and analytics to help you understand your audience, providing higher conversions, and more personalized experience
  • An amazing ticketing platform that you can customize according to your needs. It will allow you to collect the information you want without the need to ask your audience too much. A smoother process ensures more people to complete it.

Call to action

A call to action (CTA) is designed to provoke the audience to make a quick response, purposely, to buy what you are offering. Also, this is done to keep the readers to move into the next stage of the marketing funnel. 

Here’s a quick guideline in creating a compelling CTA:

  • CTA normally uses imperative verbs like “Buy now!”
  • Create a context for your CTA that provides the benefits of the action, giving your visitors a reason to click it
  • Build a sense of urgency by utilizing impactful but non-passive button language
  • The visitor must feel safe in taking the next action. Use a button language that shows what they can expect if they click the CTA.

These are just some of the basic things you need if you want to sell event tickets effectively. Remember to gain the trust of your prospect through your website, make your life easier with an event management system, and make your prospect response quickly using a call to action button.

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