How to Choose the Right Flower For Every Occasion

Choose the Right Flower For Every Occasion

Buying flowers for our friends and loved ones can be a great way for us to communicate our feelings. Whether we want to express our love, gratitude, or condolences, flowers are the choice we usually opt for. But it is very important to understand that every occasion calls for a specific type of flower. This guide will help you choose a perfect flower for any occasion.

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to buy flowers for someone whether you have a significant other or someone you’ve liked for a while. Red roses are typically what people opt for in this case. They’re simply a classic. They look great on their own, but will also look stunningly beautiful in a bouquet. However, if you want to be creative with the choice of flowers this year, you can go for tulips, orchids, or carnations as well. They have that specific bright and loving feeling which makes them a perfect Valentine’s Day gift

Mother’s Day Flowers

Buying your mom flowers for Mother’s Day is a great way to make her feel cherished, loved and appreciated. It might not be much, but it will show her that you are thinking of her. You can always go for a bright and vivacious bouquet. Flowers like colourful carnations and roses can make a great option. Or you could choose gerbera daisies as well. They will light up any room you put them in and their lovely fragrance will freshen up your mother’s home for days to come. 

Congratulations Flowers

Flowers are also a great way to congratulate someone for a new job, graduation, or even a new home. There are some factors you might want to take into consideration when picking the right flowers though. The time of the year and the taste of the recipient really do matter. For instance, if you’re buying flowers for friends who just bought a new house in summer, going for a colourful bouquet that will make their home feel fresh and welcoming is a great choice.  

Flowers for a New Baby

Flowers are a wonderful gift for welcoming a newborn child into the world. It’s a great way to offer your warm wishes to the happy new parents. You can always choose a traditional way to go about it by choosing beautiful blue or rich purple shades for a boy, and creamy colours or pinks for a girl. You can always use big coloured roses to be a centrepiece of a bouquet and then surround them with smaller, more delicate flowers as well. This is one of the best ways to arrange a bouquet.  In case you are sending these straight to the hospital, it’s best to choose flowers with almost no scent to cater to all visitors.

Engagement Flowers

If you happen to know someone who recently got engaged, there isn’t a better way to offer your most sincere congratulations to them than with a beautiful bouquet. The perfect choice would be to go flowers that will match their personalities. For example, for a couple who have big personalities, choose flowers like Oriental lilies and flamboyant chrysanthemum. On the other hand, for those couples who are always in a good mood and laughing, opt for daisies and yellow carnations. 

Birthday Flowers

Even though there are so many other great options for a birthday gift, a beautiful bouquet can always be a nice addition. They will go well with anything you end up buying. You can use a few methods when buying your friend a flower, the simplest of them all being to choose their favourite type of flower and then work around it. Seeing that you remembered what their favourite flower is will definitely put a smile on their faces. Another method is to select a traditional flower that is associated with their birth month. Each month has a specific flower option: January – Carnation, July – Larkspur, February – Violet/Iris, August – Gladiolus, March – Daffodil, September – Aster/Forget-me-nots, April – Sweet Pea/Daisy, October – Marigold, May – Lily of the Valley, November – Chrysanthemum, June – Rose, December – Poinsettia. 

Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Buying flowers is a traditional and one of the most beautiful ways you can wish any couple a happy anniversary of their wedding and it is a very popular tradition in Australia. Each year they spend together is a milestone and it only comes around once a year. It would be best to opt for scented flowers created by local botanists and if you happen to live in Australia, flower delivery Perth will make sure that the recipient gets the flowers hand-delivered with care and on time.   

The below list shows the species of flowers for every ten years a couple has spent together. You can choose any of these flowers as a central piece for the arrangement and then use other smaller flowers around it. 

  • 1st anniversary — Pansy
  • 10th anniversary — Daffodil
  • 20th anniversary — Day lily
  • 30th anniversary — Sweet pea
  • 40th anniversary — Nasturtium

Flowers for Sympathy

Flowers can also be used to express sympathy and condolences to someone who has recently lost a loved one. It is a way of showing you care for them. These flowers will represent hope in difficult times. This is why it is very important to choose the right flowers in order to send the right message. The traditional colour that we all tend to associate with sympathy is white. Therefore, a safe choice would be to go for lilies, white roses, orchids, irises, or carnations.

Easter Flowers

Lastly, springtime is a season when everything comes to life. Flowers are blooming and cheerful birds are out of their nests, and Easter is at the heart of this time. It is a great occasion to send a loved one some flowers and commemorate this beautiful season. Since yellow is a colour of life and white a colour of purity, choosing flowers such as daffodils, Calla lilies, tulips, daisies, and snowdrops is a great way to make a beautiful bouquet that anyone will love and appreciate for sure. 


In conclusion, as can be seen from above, every occasion calls for specific flower arrangement and colours. You can never run out of ideas because you can always find new creative ways to mix the flowers in order to create a stunning bouquet.

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