How to Batch Convert MBOX File to CSV on Mac With Attachments

Storing data in organized form cannot be done better than storing it in tabular form. Also, to store data in tabular form, CSV is considered to be the most appropriate option. Every user wants to have their data in a well-organized manner. So they often keep converting different file formats to CSV format.

Among many conversions, one most common conversion is to convert MBOX files to CSV. This write will share the easiest solutions to convert MBOX to CSV format. If you want to speed up your conversion, you can go with a professional MBOX Converter for mac. Before all, let us have a quick glance at the emerging need for this conversion.

What is the Need to Convert MBOX File to CSV

The following are the reasons that generate the need to convert MBOX emails to CSV.

  • CSV stores data in a more structured format.
  • It becomes easy to manage the data in this format.
  • Thunderbird MBOX users are more likely to face security issues as it does not have a spam filter option.
  • MBOX files represent information in an encoded form which is difficult to handle.

What is the best solution to turn MBOX into CSV? What are the different solutions that are available to perform this process? Don’t flood your mind with these questions. The solution to them is jotted down below. So have, patience and go through the solutions for a quick conversion.

How Do I Convert an MBOX File to Excel?

We can turn MBOX to CSV using the professional mac MBOX Converter stated below. Generally, there are two solutions to take place in any conversion process, manual and professional. However, there is no direct solution for this process. So it is better to go with the professional solution for quick, easy, and secure conversion.

Professional Solution to Convert MBOX File to CSV

Mac MBOX Converter is the best option to convert MBOX emails to CSV, PST, PDF, and 8+ different formats. This utility is specially designed to perform all conversions regarding MBOX files. It carries an interactive interface, which helps users to perform MBOX file conversion with ease. The utility carries various additional features to make this process more effective and efficient. To know the working steps, follow the below procedure.

Step-by-Step Guide to Convert MBOX to CSV Format

  1. Download and Install the MacSonik MBOX Converter Tool.
  2. Add the MBOX file which you want to turn into CSV format.
  3. Pick CSV as the saving format from the drop-down menu and click Next.
  4. Apply the custom saving location and the required built-in features of the tool.
  5. Lastly, click Convert to convert the MBOX file to CSV.

To know more about this solution, go along with the key specifications of the tool. It will help you in getting more familiar with the solutions.

Software Specifications

  • This software can import MBOX to Gmail, Yahoo, HotMail, Office 365, and multiple email clients.
  • Users can choose the option to remove similar emails during the process.
  • It provides 100% safe conversion without any data alteration.
  • Users can also convert MBOX emails to CSV in bulk with or without attachments.
  • It can also perform selective MBOX email conversions.
  • This utility is accessible on all macOS and supports any kind of MBOX files such as MBX, MBS, and MSF.

Final Words

In conclusion, there is no direct solution to convert MBOX files to CSV. Still, to perform this process, you can go along with the professional mac MBOX Converter. It is a mac based utility that eases this conversion process. It provides 100% reliable conversion results along with data integrity. Go along the whole article to get well-versed with the solution.

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