How to convert NSF to PST without lotus notes? 

If you are looking forward to converting the NSF files to PST file format in a hassle free manner, then here is your guide. This article will help you with some easy methods to convert NSF files to PST without lotus notes. We will also share a professional solution to make this process easier for you. 


NSF files usually store some important data and are widely used by the users using Lotus Notes. However, these files cannot be accessed easily. In addition, these files are also prone to the risk of getting infected or attacked by some ransomwares. Therefore, for protecting your data there is a need to convert your NSF to PST format without Lotus Notes. This particular file format is much more accessible and safe to use. Your data is more portable using the PST file format. 

Let us read more about the need to convert the NSF to PST file format and the ways how you can do the same. 

Reasons for converting the NSF to PST file format

There are many reasons to convert NSF files to PST format. Some of them are given in the following way:

  • PST files are accessible across email clients like MS Outlook. MS Outlook is a user-friendly email client. 
  • It has low maintenance as compared to Lotus Notes. 
  • MS Outlook is integrated within Microsoft Office Suite. 
  • It is possible to configure multiple accounts using MS Outlook. 
  • MS Outlook offers better security to the users. 
  • MS Outlook can also be accessed online. 
  • Change of job can also be another reason for you to shift to MS Outlook. 

Now that we know the reasons for shifting from MS Outlook by migrating the NSF to PST file format, here is how you can do it. 

Methods to convert NSF to PST file format

There are several methods to convert NSF to PST. Let us discuss them one by one. 

Manual Method: Export NSF files from Lotus Notes to an intermediate CSV file and Import to MS Outlook

Exporting NSF to PST is a lengthy procedure and requires two steps to be executed. 

Step 1: Export the NSF files from Lotus Notes

In order to export the NSF files to Lotus Notes, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Launch IBM Lotus Notes program.
  2. Click File and then click on Open. Go to Lotus Notes Application.
  3. In the Open Application window, browse for the required NSF file and click Open. The selected NSF file gets opened.
  1.  Now open the File menu and go to Export. 
  2. On the Export dialogue box, enter the file name, file location, and saving type.
  3. Select the Comma Separated Value format for the file. 
  1. A dialogue box CSV Export gets open. Select the required options from How much to export, Export Character Set and Detail to Incorporate sections. Click OK. 
  1. The exported data is saved in a CSV file in the defined location.

Step 2: Import CSV File in MS Outlook

You will now have to import this CSV file to MS Outlook. Here are the steps that you need to follow for this. 

  1. Launch MS Outlook program.
  2. On the File menu, click Open & Export, and then click Import/Export.
  1. An Import and Export Wizard dialogue box pops up. Select Import from another program or file from the options. Click Next. 
  1. Select Comma Separated Values as file type and click Next.
  1. Click Browse and select the path for the CSV file created earlier using the Export command of Lotus Notes. You can select the options according to your need. 
  1. Select the Outlook folder where you want to save your exported data and click Next.
  1. Select the given checkbox in the Import a file dialogue box and click Finish. You can also change your destination or map custom fields by clicking on the same name options.
  1. The data from the “CSV file” would be imported to “MS Outlook.”

Professional method: Regain NSF to PST converter tool

The above mentioned method that has been explained above is very lengthy and time consuming. It may even result in a data loss. Therefore, one must think of trying this Regain NSF to PST Converter. This tool automatically helps to convert the NSF files to PST file format in a hassle free manner. It helps to convert the files irrespective of their size and number. 

In fact, with the help of this tool, you can retain the integrity and formatting of your data. It is feasible to convert the NSF file format to any file format and even import them across multiple email clients. It comes with an easy user-interface. This tool allows the users to preview the files before converting them. In fact, users can pause and resume the process whenever they want. 


So if you are still struggling with accessing your NSF files on Lotus Notes, then you can easily switch from NSF to the PST file converter tool. It is the easiest solution that you will ever come across. So, don’t give it a second thought and rely on this tool completely. 

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