8 Reasons Why Flutter is the New Hue in Mobile App Development?

The app development industry is witnessing a rapid evolution in technology and is continuously upgrading for a better version. Similarly, entrepreneurs are more focused on leveraging the latest framework to stay competitive. 

An open-source framework, like Flutter, is gaining popularity because of its ability to develop feature-packed mobile applications with interactive user interfaces. 

Flutter has skillfully brought about a significant change and a plethora of benefits for the process of developing mobile apps.

Let’s find out the top 8 reasons Flutter has become the biggest trend in mobile app development

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source framework created by Google and released in May 2017. It is a framework that builds native mobile applications using a single codebase. 

Flutter incorporates two significant parts- Software Development Kit (SDK) and a framework with a UI library based on widgets. 

A Software Development Kit (SDK)

An SDK is a collection of tools that help in developing high-end applications. The kit consists of tools that compile the code into native machine code (for iOS and Android).

A Framework

Flutter has a pack of reusable elements, like buttons, text inputs, and sliders used for personalization to meet users’ demands.

Flutter framework used a Dart programming language to create scalable and secure mobile applications. Per reports by Statista, 42% of software developers are already using Flutter. Thus, you can also consider hiring a Flutter app development company to build a high-performing app for better business growth. 

Flutter is integrated with features like fast performance, routing mechanism, advanced user interface, etc. 

Top 8 Reasons to Choose Flutter for Your Mobile App Development

Single Codebase

Flutter has a single codebase that allows writing codes for iOS and Android in one go. The feature of a single codebase in Flutter results in a quick app development process and higher productivity. 

If you want quick app development for your business, the Flutter framework is appropriate. It lets app developers build the app once and deploy it on multiple devices. Also, the single codebase applications are easy to manage. 


As mentioned above, Flutter is a single codebase that makes it cost-effective. Business owners hire only a single app development team, which builds applications for iOS and Android platforms using the same code. 

Besides this, Flutter supports customized widgets that create a natively-compiled application with the goal of delivering an excellent user experience. Overall, Flutter is an affordable framework that requires a single team for building and managing the entire Flutter-based application. 

Quicker App Development Time

Flutter results in a fast app development procedure because it is a single codebase framework. This framework has a feature called hot reload that makes the changes in the code visible. Later, the modified code instantly gets reloaded even when the app is functioning. 

From a business point of view, Flutter is an excellent choice because the faster app development time results in quick marketing. 

App marketing is imperative because it helps well-established businesses to reach more audiences and benefit the startups to get a continuous existence. And, Flutter helps you in achieving all of it. 

Customizable Advanced UI

If you want multiple users for your app, ensure to create an aesthetically-pleasing app’s user interface. Flutter is a great choice in this case scenario because it has its own graphic engine, known as Skia.

Skia has a wide array of tools that create high-end applications with interactive app designs. Also, you only need a single app design that will fit the best on both iOS and Android platforms. 

With a wide range of tools and widgets, Flutter’s framework is proven to be more expressive and flexible. 

Better User Experience

Flutter framework has a better market share because it has flawless UI/UX features and robust design elements. The framework has an effective software development kit (SDK) that builds beautiful high-end cross-platform applications. 

The SDK of Flutter has features like attractive icons, smooth typography, padding widgets that maintain the white space, and so on. Flutter has ready-made widgets that build mobile apps with a uniform object model and deliver a glitch-free user experience. 

Hot Reload Feature

Flutter creates attractive app designs faster due to the availability of the hot reload feature. 

Flutter’s hot reload feature works by injecting updated source code files into the running Dart Virtual Machine (VM). The hot reload feature in the Flutter framework displays the effects on the app quickly without any hindrance. 

In other words, this feature observes the app’s user interface and later builds the UI accordingly by adding relevant features.

Perfect Choice for MVP

Minimum viable product (MVP) is imperative for any mobile app development because it shows the overall app’s functionality across various platforms. Flutter lets startups or established enterprises integrate their app’s MVP to ensure that it is functioning as expected. 

The purpose of integrating MVP into the Flutter framework is to showcase the app’s basic functionality and visual appearance. Mentioned below are the benefits offered by Flutter for creating a minimum viable product. 

  • Streamline the app development process
  • Cost-effective app development
  • Supports numerous IDEs
  • Direct firebase environment

Easy App Maintenance

Once the app gets developed, and your targeted user starts using it, your responsibility gets doubled because of the app maintenance as a business owner. 

App maintenance gets more difficult and time-consuming than actually building the mobile app. But, with the Flutter framework, bug fixing issues are much easier. 

Flutter SDK’s customizability, flexibility, and scalability quickly change the app’s functionality without coding. In the Flutter framework, you need only a single app developer who will look after the overall app maintenance procedure. Another advantage of Flutter is in-built widgets and plugins.

Concluding Words

Flutter framework is the right choice for mobile app development because it is a single codebase that results in quicker app development in the most cost-effective manner. 

This framework has gained popularity over time, so going with this framework will be the right decision. Also, if you’re planning to build a Flutter-based mobile app, focus on every latest Flutter version or trend to get effective results for your app. 

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