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iPhone devices are widely used because of their safety and security. The iOS software can protect the personal information that you have used on your mobile device. The use of third-party applications is limited in iOS software to safeguard the privacy of the user data stored on the device. Third-party applications are essential software for iOS devices. 

It can provide more features and abilities to your iPhone device. Among the third-party software available for iPhones, custom font apps are widely used. It can add an attractive layout to your content. Every one of us is fond of using a variety of font styles in our texts. But iOS device users will have hesitation in using free font apps as the iPhone will not allow third-party software usage. This post will answer all your questions about using custom fonts on iOS devices. Get ready to collect some useful insights about the free font application for iPhone. 

What is a free Custom Font Application?

Font-style applications will allow users to customize their iOS font design on all devices. We can use the free font software to acquire a variety of font patterns at no cost. Most of the font styles applications are compatible with multiple devices, and so are the font styles available in it. By availing of a custom font app, you can cater your texts with difficult content styles. Moreover, if you are fond of fonts, then you should make custom free font applications.  

Can We Use Custom Fonts on iPhone?

Even though the iOS devices won’t allow us to install and use a third-party software, we can still use a few of the free custom font applications. We can use user-defined fonts in custom applications like MS office, Abode, and many more. However, you cannot use custom fonts in iOS system applications. We should know about the non-system applications that will support custom font style for using it effectively. 


The older version of iOS will not support the usage of custom fonts. We can install and use custom fonts in iPhone devices with the operating system from iOS 13. The iOS 13 launched by 2019 will have an inbuilt iOS font manager that can enable us to select and use custom font styles. The font manager can control and manage font styles available in the third-party custom fonts software. 

How can we use Custom Fonts on old iOS devices? 

We are all aware that we can use custom font applications in iPhone devices with operating systems greater than iOS13. However, we can use personal font styles in older iOS devices by jailbreaking them. By jailbreaking the iPhone device you can take total control of your device. You can install and use any software of your choice bypassing the iOS software’s app restrictions.  

How to Use Custom Fonts in iPhone devices?

User-defined fonts are a handy choice to garnish our texts with beautiful outlooks. We can make use of custom font styles by availing of any of the free custom font applications available in the market. This software is free to use, and you can use the application with ease. Let us see how we can acquire and establish free font software on our iPhone devices. 

Step1: Browse and find a free font app of your choice.

Step2: Download the font style software from the source website.

Step 3: Locate the downloaded file and double-click it to start the installation. 

Step 4: Wait till the installation is completed.

Step 5: Now you can select the custom fonts by accessing the fonts tab from the iOS settings menu.

Step 6: You can also browse and select the custom font using the settings icon available on the keyboard. 

Bottom Line

We can make our text attractive by decorating it with distinct font styles. Using custom fonts will make your content unique and addictive. We can use custom font applications on Android, iOS, iPad, and many other devices. It is a little tricky to use free font-changing apps on iOS devices. We have briefed about the facts about the methods for using free custom font applications in iPhone devices. We believe these insights can answer all your queries regarding iOS support with custom font software. 

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