Managed IT Services-Definition, Cost, Offering, Benefits

We all must have heard about Managed IT Services and know a little bit about how IT Services can help to build your company or business. But a bunch of individuals is still confused about What exactly Managed IT Services are and how they can help in growing a business?

 And in this article, you’ll get everything you want to know about Managed Services like definition, cost, benefits, importance etc. and who is the Best Managed Services Provider for Your Business.

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services is the source of a proactive approach for Business growth. Managed IT services are a practice of managing and monitoring all aspects of business Function by Third-party contractors

Let’s take an example to understand Managed IT Services in the simplest way!

Suppose you’re running a company and you manage all things on your own. You are the only one who is responsible for handling operations, network-related work and to take care of the core business. It is obvious to face network related issues like downtime, data recovery, system and network crashing on a daily basis. As a company’s owner, you have several other tasks to perform but you spend most of the time handling the networking difficulties. This is where Managed Service providers like Ighty Support, LLC can help you to grow your business!

Managed IT Services

This is the time when Managed Service Providers come to take all your worries. The main job of MSPs is to take care of all the little network-related issues and solve them in no time. In fact, they even analyze the problems that may occur in the future and solve them before they arrive. With the help of MSPs, you give all your IT worries to experts so that you can focus on growing your core business.

According to Vital News 24, “Global Managed Services Market is expected to reach 25.46 Billion by 2026.” 

So if you’re running a business and you want to unfetter from the network and IT related problems, then Managed IT Services is the best option for your company. Perhaps, the only solution for handling your company’s IT department. 

Benefits of Managed IT Services

There are numerous benefits that a company can get with the help of  MSPs. There is a list of things that MSPs offer. 

Managed IT Services

The Real Benefits of Managed Service Providers are mentioned below-

1. MPSs provide constant monitoring of each and every network and device to ensure that things are running smoothly.

2. Whenever any system faces difficulty or problems, they immediately identify the problems and begin to implement the best fix.

3. With constant 24/7 support and monitoring and suppose you encounter an issue, a single call to our experts can fix your issue in no time or there’s a chance that they are already aware and are working to get you back up as quickly as possible.

4. Managed IT Support Services are very cost-effective as a single source can deal with all your IT, network, operations which are very less than hiring a whole IT team for handling servers and software. 

5. MSPs help you with the slightest issues like password reset, anti-virus issues and support for Microsoft applications. IT experts handle everything.

Managed Services vs Other Services 

                    Other Services                                        Managed IT Services  

1. You’re responsible for maintaining the projects and IT needs of your company.IT experts constantly handle your company’s IT needs.
2. Only for one-off projects with definite end time.Support of IT experts 24/7 every week every day for the whole year.
3. Meant for specific, one-off projects.Designed for long-term use. 
4. Detail-oriented Much more comprehensive than just detailed plans.

Why Managed IT Services is the Best Option for Business 

IT Support Services are not only beneficial for taking care of your company’s IT needs but it offers many other services too. As we all know that a company requires a bunch of people from different departments like HR, Finance, Product & Sales for handling distributions and many more. 

Well, Managed IT Services provides all kinds of services to handle your company’s different departments. It’s like without purchasing and maintaining the in-house server you rent service and enjoy the expert’s advice for your IT problems.

Managed IT Services

Reasons why Managed IT Support are best for your business-

1. By hiring Managed IT Services will guarantee to bring a higher Return of Investment and saves your company’s cost and time too.

2. IT Support Services brings the latest new technologies for your company to maximize your company’s potential.

3. With Managed IT Support, you can give more time to managing business and less time worrying about your computer issues. 

4. With the help of Managed IT Services, you can get customized and specialized services from IT experts that are specially tailored to how your company operates.

Pricing Factor for Managed IT Services 

With so many variants in the services provided by the Managed Service Providers, you get so many significant variants in the prices for your required IT Support services. Perhaps, it is possible that the same company is charging differently for the same service.

The three main factors that affect the pricing of a particular Managed  IT Support Services are-

1. Cost of Technology or Tools

In a survey, it is said that  “42% of the MSPs said that the cost of technology and tools is reflected in the price that their customers pay”. But how they set their price is very important. What margins they are setting for their technology? 

2. Cost of Staff 

The average salary of an MSP technician is approximately 49,000 per annum. So hiring an expert technician can be costly. MSPs become very professional when they hire a technician to ensure that the service they’re providing is the best.

3.Cost of Selling

Marketing and advertisement of any business or company are mandatory to grow a business because, in the end, the sales of the company depend on marketing only. Plus the traveling, lunch and dinner meetings, and many more. It’s a factor that affects the packages and pricing of Managed IT Services.

How to find the Best Managed IT Services –

There are several points that you must go through while finding and selecting the Best Managed Service Provider for your company-

Managed IT Services
  • Read the reviews- If you’re searching for the best Managed service provider, make sure you go through the reviews that people are giving for their services. Because eventually, word-of-mouth is the best choice of information to find out about the MSPs. You can ask for IT advice from your family, friends, co-workers and other professionals.
  • Cost of Services – Get comparisons and estimates for different companies and list them down. Many companies charge for providing monthly services and some by the hour. Beware of the IT frauds that ask for money upfront and who charge by the hour. You must select the Managed IT Support Services which provide monthly subscriptions.
  • On-Site Support – It is always advantageous to have a professional IT person coming to your office to fix your computer problems. It saves your time and energy to pack your hardware and go all across the town to get it repaired. Perhaps it can cost a little extra but it’s always convenient.
  • Check Credentials-  Checking credentials is the utmost important thing to check while finding your MSP. 

           Suppose the technician made a mistake and damages your hardware, make

            sure you aren’t responsible to get the replacement of the hardware. Also, check 

            your Managed IT Support company is properly licensed and qualified to work on your computer.

Ighty Support, LLC- the Best choice for your Business Growth 


After studying so much about Managed IT Services, we all have learned how difficult it is to find the Best Managed IT Support for a company. There are so many factors on which the ideality of MSP depends, but Ighty Support has it all. With over ten years of experience in giving IT Support Services from small scale to large scale businesses, Ighty Support is the top most choice of every person in Carrollton when they’re in search of best IT requirements. 

What Ighty Support is the best for IT Requirements?

  • Ighty Support will provide you with maximum efficiency with peak performance 
  • Latest rock-solid IT Security with protection 
  • 24/7 customer support and on-site problem solving 
  • It provides better business relationships with clients/customers, vendors, peers and staff
  • latest technology plans by our IT experts plus regular updates on the latest technology which helps you make informed decisions 
  • Expert guidance by IT professionals on each and every step for the overall growth of your business.

 We hope that this article helped you in finding your ideal Manage Service Provider that will help you to carry out your business operations with any technical interruptions.

Here we explore all aspects of managed IT services you need to know, Like Benefits of Managed IT Services, Pricing factors and many more.

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