Top 5 Mobile Apps For Delivery Management

Delivery management systems now can be managed from anywhere using mobile apps. Hundreds of mobile applications are used all over the world. Different apps provide different features which make it easy to manage your deliveries. Using mobile apps is the digital record solution for the delivery. You can use these apps for multiple purposes of delivery and track your parcel from anywhere in the world. 

Why use Mobile apps for delivery Management:

Mobile applications are very helpful to manage all digital information, data. These may be online or offline to access anytime. Lots of businesses are moving to a digital record system which is a fast and secure system. We will share some amazing apps which help you manage your online business deliveries.

1. Ontrack App:

Ontrack App is an online delivery management system providing lots of delivery features to manage your online deliveries. Ontrack App is a very famous app for many features like food delivery, courier delivery and online tracking system. Business owners are using this app to track their rider’s live location. You can set a custom delivery time slot. Ontrack is a solution for every industry. You can add multiple branches of your business and their delivery areas. Ontrack App is available in Android & IOS versions. Ontrack is free trail account to and also minimum monthly pricing.

2. Trasil App:

Trasil App is an online delivery management app which provides a delivery management system. Using trasil app you can automate your business delivery system. Trasil App is famous for employee data, role of the staff. Trasil provide offline mode, once connect to the internet data transfer to cloud and then it with GPS.

3. Peopleqlik app:

Peopleqlik App is a Pakistani online delivery management system. Peopleqlik is a mobile app especially for Courier tracking management systems that help you to track real-time your parcel. Poepleqlik app is very famous for online shipping management in Pakistan, and large companies using Peopleqlik app.

4. Rider App:

Rider App is ecommerce logistics software used for ecommerce business delivery all over the world. Rider app provides B2B ecommerce delivery solutions to deliver your products to other businesses. Rider is used in large business companies for saving records and online tracking systems. Rider is a paid app with minimum monthly prices. 

5. Order Call App:

Order Call App is one of the best mobile applications which help to make your delivery easy. Provide both retail and wholesale to register and make their order and delivery easy. Order call app is a free mobile app available for android and IOS. Free to use trail account.


Mobile apps are easy to use and manage lots of data and information in mobile apps. Delivery management applications provide an opportunity to manage all your ecommerce, food delivery, and many others.

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