6 Ways To Increase Your Sales Leads With Lead Capture Apps

Lead capture apps can help generate more high-quality leads that align with your target audience. Lead capture is part of the lead generation process. When used correctly, marketing teams can collect a lot of valuable contact information from leads. 

After getting contact’s info, then you can easily create a positive relationship with leads and have a good customer base. This article discusses lead capturing, and six ways to increase your sales leads with lead capture apps

What Is Lead Capturing?

Lead capture is the process that helps to create an initial interest in a company’s product or service. The goal of lead capture is to collect information about a sales lead who is someone who may become a client or customer. Information collected may include the lead’s name and contact information. 

Other relevant details about leads or their organization can also be collected. For example, their age, height, business name, number of employees, etc. The leads can then be contacted with more information about the company’s products or services.

A lead capturing app captures lead information in real-time, it shows it immediately on your device and it stores it in a password-protected portal for easy download. Lead capturing apps can be used to increase sales lead because it provides features like quick capture of lead information, lead routing, and scoring, Chabot’s. Etc.

6 Ways to Increase Your Sales Leads With Lead Capture Apps

There are several ways you can use lead capture apps to increase sales. Some of these ways are discussed below.

 1. Lead Capture Apps Can Be Used To Monitor Leads Information

Lead capturing apps can be used to increase sales lead by helping to capture customers’ data very easily. For example, lead capturing apps can be used to scan information from a trade show badge or business card, the app sends the business card image to a real person that transcribes and verifies the data. This leads data can be closely monitored and leads can then be easily contacted.

Lead capture apps also help organize all lead data into a spreadsheet that you can easily access. It also automatically syncs data with your customer relationship manager (CRM) apps or marketing automation software such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Pardot. Etc.

2. Lead Capture Apps Provide Popups Capabilities

You can also use lead capturing apps to increase sales lead by creating pop-ups and exit intent pop-ups. A lead capture popup encourages leads to share contact details in exchange for an incentive. It could also be a discount code to a checklist or template. 

Exit-intent pop-ups are pop-ups that website visitors see when they try to exit a particular lead capture or landing page. Its purpose is to get the visitor’s attention when the visitor is trying to close the lead page. Exit-intent popups may also contain attractive discounts or bonuses to make the customer engage with your content.

3.  Lead Capture Apps Can Help Create Mobile-Friendly Pages

Potential leads mostly visit landing pages and websites on their mobile phones. Lead capture apps help build mobile-friendly landing pages which help retain potential leads and increase sales leads.

Different smartphones have different layouts and aspect ratios. Screen sizes and aspect ratios are different on tablets, mobile, and laptop screens. The following steps help make pages mobile-friendly:

  • Avoid text blocking images, pop-ups, and ads
  • Optimize the speed of the mobile version
  • Keep your website’s design simple and minimalistic.
  • Make the button size right.
  • Use a decent font size.

4. Lead Capture Apps Can Be Used To Personalize Your Landing Page

Personalized landing pages help businesses to connect with potential customers through the use of a specific set of keywords that a website visitor might use when searching for a solution.

A lot of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand that offers a personalized experience. During the lead capture process, lead capturing apps may be used to collect information from various websites and other social media channels. Then this information can be used to create a more personalized lead magnet that is sent out to leads which then helps increase sales lead.

5. Lead Capture Apps Provide Chatbots Capabilities 

Lead capture apps have built-in chatbot capabilities. Chatbots are everywhere and for good reason. They improve lead conversions, customer satisfaction, and offer many other benefits to the lead capturing process.

Chatbots are your 24/7 customer service and can help customers find what they are looking for. It can even help you sell your product. To optimize a chatbot for lead capture, the following features should be included in the chatbots

  • FAQs and answers;
  • The possibility to redirect to a real person if need be.
  • Visually appealing images
  • Make it engaging by adding fun facts about your service or products.

6. Lead Capturing Apps Can Be Used For Lead Routing And Scoring

Leads capture apps also help increase sales lead by classifying leads based on the product of interest. These leads are automatically sent to the relevant sales department so that the company can immediately contact them about the product they are interested in.

For example, if a company sells computer hardware and software. Leads interested in hardware are routed to hardware sales, and leads interested in software are routed to the software department. The sales team can contact leads immediately and market the product

Lead scoring is another important feature for increasing sales lead. Lead capturing apps help to categorize customers based on the level of interest in products through surveys sent to customers. This helps identify potential leads that are hot and show great interest. These leads should then be contacted.


This article explained lead capturing and the various ways lead capture apps can help increase lead sales. Lead capture apps can be used to collect, monitor, and organize lead information, create popups and exit-popup intents, create mobile-friendly pages, and personalize your landing page.

Lead capturing apps also provide chatbots capabilities, lead routing, and lead scoring which helps increase sales lead. Therefore businesses should adopt lead capture apps to help increase lead sales.

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