What is Chatbot? 7 Tips to Improve Customer Satisfaction using a chatbot

Chatbots! You may think it is some kind of program that returns predefined text based on the user queries and nothing interesting. You are correct to a certain length, but a chatbot is more complex than that. So what is a chatbot

What is Chatbot?

A chatbot can be elaborated as a program that can mimic a human conversion. Traditional chatbots only allowed users to use a predefined set of Frequently Asked Questions that will be answered. The automated voice when you try to reach customer care through phones is the best example of a chatbot, but a primitive one.

Modern chatbots use Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) to provide more sophisticated conversation and, if needed, will connect you to a customer care executive. The form of conversation presented by the chatbot may be in text or voice, or both. 

How do Chatbots work?

Improve Customer Satisfaction using a chatbot

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While surfing through a website, you may be prompted with a small circle or message asking whether you have any queries. When you click and proceed, depending upon the type of the chatbot, the UI and UE may vary. You may wonder what a chatbot is and how it works.

As said before, chatbots evolved from simple computer programs to what it is now and evolving. Chatbots use NLU(Natural Language Understanding), NLP(Natural Language Processing), and AI/ML to process the users’ queries and reply with more sophisticated answers.

There are two types of Chatbots

  1. Declarative Chatbots: These chatbots use a scripted pattern to solve user queries. If the question to be asked by the user is not predefined, then it will let you talk to a customer care executive. These are the simplest and the most used chatbots for basic FAQs.
  2. Predictive Chatbots: You should be familiar with google assistant, Siri, Alexa, and other digital voice assistants. They all come under this type of chatbots. They are equipped with more advanced technologies. They can be used to provide a personalised user experience using the regular monitoring and analyzing of data from the user using AI/ML.

Why Chatbots?

If you are running a small business, you would think about what a chatbot is and why you should use a chatbot. Chatbot provides a wide range of facilities, from good user experience to the organization’s cost reduction. Here we list out the benefits of using chatbots.

1. Cost Reduction: If you are a small business owner and want to grow your business, you need better customer service. Appointing a customer care executive would be expensive, but once a chatbot is created for your company, it will save the cost for the employee. Further development of your chatbot can be done as you grow big.

2. Support 24/7: Unlike humans, chatbots do not require any rest and can provide 24/7 service non-stop. Just integrate it with your website, and you are good to go.

3. Personalization: Using AI/ML in chatbots lets you collect personalized patterns for every customer. And provide a personalized user experience.

7 tips to improve customer satisfaction using chatbot:

Tip 1: Use simple chatbots

Good technology can be put aside if it is not simple enough for a user to interact with. The first thing to be kept in mind when you are about to create a chatbot is a simple and effective user interface.

Simple can be effective in many scenarios, especially if the customer is in a hurry to know about some information. If the user interface is complicated, it might lead to frustration and leave a bad impression on your company.

Tips 2: Provide 24/7 Support

Improve Customer Satisfaction using a chatbot

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As discussed earlier, chatbots are computer programs that can continuously run without rest. Unlike human employees, they won’t take leave and won’t get sick. So use chatbots to their fullest potential.

Integrate your chatbot with your website that is already hosted on a server. Often check if it works properly.

Tip 3: Multilingual Support

Improve Customer Satisfaction using a chatbot

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If you have a large customer base worldwide, provide multilingual support to your chatbot based on the region. This will boost customers’ user experience because resolving their queries in their language will make them more comfortable.

Providing the users with their language support is important if you grasp the world market.

Tip 4: Do not provide complex answers

Customers interact with your chatbot mainly because they can clarify their doubts. If the chatbot’s answer raises questions to the users, then it is not a quality chatbot. It is advised to integrate the chatbot with AI to provide QoS.

Tip 5: Provide Personalized Service

In this modern age, data collection is essential to provide personalized service to customers. The same can be applied to chatbots. A chatbot should collect the frequently asked questions by the user and analyze and present the users with personalized answers. 

This will make the users engage more with your chatbot and clearly understand their questions. 

Tip 6: Customer Feedback

Improve Customer Satisfaction using a chatbot

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Customer feedback about the chatbot is crucial in developing a good customer chatbot. Collect feedback about the chatbot, what can be improved, and what the customer prefers since the chatbot is for the customers and should not be for our convenience.

In addition to the chatbot collection, you can collect feedback about your organization and other kinds of stuff. Taking action and implementing the requests is as equal to asking for feedback. This will increase the customer experience to a whole another stage.

Tip 7: Faster Solution

A faster solution is also needed with a good user interface and experience. The chatbot should understand the question of the user and should provide a clear solution quickly. If necessary, it can and should ask additional questions to the users to provide good answers. Otherwise, the chatbot should get directly to the point without prompting questions.

You have read till the end of the blog. I hope this journey provided you with some information about chatbots and how to use them for the growth of your business


Reaching the end of the blog must have given a good chunk of knowledge about a chatbot and how to use it effectively to improve customer satisfaction. Use the tips mentioned above to create an effective chatbot that will help your business. Chatbots are good tools in lead generation and, if used well, can help you scale your business


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