Even in recent times, marketers have desired to unravel the beauty of productivity and high sales Facebook ads bring. While the target spells reaching out to a wider audience, Facebook ads, powered with adequate info, helps in reaching the right audience for your venture.

Yes, those that matter.

Without much ado, let’s help you condition your ads to a super-productive scheme with these guidelines. Also, view more Facebook ads tips and services here.

Market with Facebook Features

1. Project your Products with Facebook Carousels

Carousel ads are customized for multiple products, but the banger here is that those products can be displayed in a single long line. To view, you’d have to help yourself with some swiping. You can creatively tell an intriguing story with this feature.

They enable marketers to exhibit multiple products to the same audience even on a bigger scale.

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2. Expand with Facebook Video Ads

Well, we’d be forced into believing it is as normal as every video content. But, away from it!

While the set-up process carries the same weight as setting up a picture ad, the Facebook algorithm places more priority on Video ads. The interesting thing here is you can easily show off your enterprise wider, faster, and more relatable than Image Ads.

And yeah, since your customers are likely to stop and patiently watch a video, a voice-over, excellent camera quality, and a sweet short caption could sell your audience over in a charming way.

3. GIF Ads – Short But Mighty

Still, on video content, customers would easily relate with even a shorter video. The dynamics of the Graphics Interchange Format [GIF] is that the info conveyed in a 3-5minute video can easily be translated as a 5-10second video. This looks modest, right?

4. Big-ups to Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads are mobile-friendly, like Canva ads. Here, you can easily wade off intricate mobile landing pages. Your ads open right within the app.

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Creating lead forms would require names, job descriptions, email addresses, phone numbers…basically demographics for product marketing.

5. Boost!

The best way to react to an ad that is poorly reacted to is to boost it to reach a wider audience. The same strategy works for ad posts that are largely engaged, you get even more attention and reactions! Thousands!

Facebook Image Optimization

6. Ad with a White Background

In graphical matters, white backgrounds easily compel users with their ability to convey the most important info on the ad. The customer is automatically drawn to the design quality and by extension reads the information required.

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7. Place your products at the right

Sometimes, marketing requires you to expand through psychology. It is natural for people to be attracted to objects on the right-hand side. Most times, people tend to see more with their right eye. It’s a simple trick but with crazy results when you consider it.

8. Market with the Rule of Thirds

In designing, the rule of thirds requires you to graphically structure your image to establish balance. Here’s how it works: Divide your image into 9 equal boxes by drawing two lines vertically and horizontally.  Now, position your ads in the cross-sections of the lines. This strategy helps to uniformly structure your design according to hierarchy.

ADS for Categories of People on Facebook

9. Structure your Audience with their Income

The truth here is that there are several categories of people who purchase online, but this is ultimately based on their budget and spending habit. Your ads will get premium attention in the environment capable of purchasing the products.

Yeah, the logic is — a student-filled environment would regularly visit the small or medium-priced product arena.

On the other hand, you’ll do well with a community of people who’d produce their credit cards for any products — the online shoppers.

10. Target parents with their Children’s Age and Status

One of the best schemes to attract parents is to make them salivate at products worthy of their children. The best strategy here is to create multiple age-range options for these accessories, such that many parents would easily relate to the options.

The same goes for expectant mothers.

11. People in Committed Relationships

Love is a beautiful thing among couples, right? Yes, but it is more beautiful with you earning with it!

Your ads can compel couples to your products when you specifically target their needs.

For example, Facebook analytics identifies people in long-distance relationships.

Just project with their potential needs and watch them troop on your stuff.


12. Maintain your regular customers

You should prioritize sustaining familiar people through consistent reviews, notifications, and even discounts. Consistently remind them of your brand identity!

However, you can easily strengthen it through Facebook means. Here’s what I mean — Facebook Pixel: you place it on your website to obtain info about your regular visitors. With the ‘Custom Audience’ option, your ads can easily reach them.


With these guidelines, you’re certainly going to generate more sales in any period!

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