Landing Pages: Why they are important for your marketing strategy?

How many of you ‘Google-it’ as soon as a question pops up in your mind? I am sure each one of you said YES! Once you enter the query, how many of you observe the first few results are ads and land up on a page – after clicking on that 40% off advertisement – that merely presents you a deal? Practically, all of us!

Often, these pages are put there to catch the attention of the estimated 2.14 billion online buyers. If you have still not figured it out, we are talking about the infamously-famous landing pages.

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are single web pages, with or without any navigation features, where the user ‘lands’ after answering a call to action on the internet. They are usually made to promote only a single offer of the company and push them further in the sales channel. They might be tiresome to create, but have an undeniable influence on your customers.

Trust me, when I say every marketing plan needs landing pages. To back up my statement, I have cited a few reasons below. Stick with me till the end, and I am sure the first thing you will do after is to develop a landing page:

1.  Lead Generation

Landing pages serve the purpose of converting your visitors to prospects and then even leads. They analyze the number of people who showed interest in your brand and are willing to engage with it. Instead of sending all the unmanageable traffic to the home page from different channels, it is a wiser option to direct your audience to specific landing pages, concerned with their interests. With an active sales team and landing pages, you don’t have to worry about leads anymore!

2.  Tracking of data

Tracking the behavior of users is one of the best features of landing pages. You can analyze the data collected from your landing pages and see which channels or offers are generating more leads to further comprehend the choices of the consumers.

They show you the number of interested prospects, the engagement they have shown with your brand and also understand which of your campaigns are doing better than the rest. Well, we all know the imminent importance of data in the world of digital marketing. It helps you uncover facts and figures that otherwise might have stayed hidden and accordingly perfect your strategy!

3.  Removal of distractions

Often it might happen that a user visits your page and instead of engaging with your brand, they get ‘distracted’ by other content on your page. Like if you direct users to your home page, they might be interested in reading your blog or your establishment history, rather than your deals.

Although they increase interaction, they do not serve the core purpose. Landing pages are the only effective solution to this because it does not feature unnecessary matter and the customers are compelled to make a decision. Say bye-bye to useless traffic and get down to real business!

4.  Collection of demographics

Landing pages can help you grow and better your marketing campaign. For instance, if you put up a survey or a registration form on your landing pages, interested prospects will be putting in information, like their email addresses. In the analysis of the results from the survey, you can understand your consumers’ preferences and the matter that they want to see.

You can also use this platform to generate feedback from customers who are already using your products and use them to influence your new visitors. This helps your marketing and makes the task of improvisation a lot easier for your team. 

5.  Creating brand awareness

Will you alienate a super effective way to gorge on extra publicity for your brand while intense competition in the market is making every firm rack their marketing strategy? No, right? Landing pages are a simple way of increasing brand awareness.

Consumers tend to return back to businesses which they can recognize and remember, and if you do not spread your word around, then no marketing strategy can help you. When you create landing pages, there is consistent branding on them whether it is about designing a logo of your brand or creating a banner to display off your creativity. A landing page provides more opportunities for your customers to engage with you. It’s finally time to leave this task on technology.

6.  Act as a source of credibility

As you have already got it in your nerves by now, landing pages are ideally created to serve a single purpose, like the launch of a new product, promotion of a sale or an event and so on.

This feature gives you the genius idea of optimizing the content you would like to show on the page so that it facilitates the task at hand in all ways. These pages act as the final boost to the decision of the consumer. It makes the buyers feel that the brand understands their needs and they engage with the company more willingly. You definitely get bonus points if you add testimonials or comments of your loyal users to further push your influence.

Quick tip: Be sure to optimize your landing pages for mobile screens, because there is literally no one who does not run their fingers on their tiny screens for less than an hour every day.

Over to you…

Landing pages are truly an indispensable component of your digital marketing plan and the reasons we have listed, cannot adequately emphasize the need of including these in your plan. But do they even work? Yes, they do.

Studies have shown that companies with 10 to 15 landing pages can increase their conversions up to 55% and ones with more than 40 can increase conversions up to 500%. Although you will find more words on why landing pages are unnecessary or overrated, it should never be forgotten that statistics say a lot when they are accurate. If the uncertainty of success still pokes you, check out this article for some mind-boggling statistics of landing pages, here.

Sitting back on the other end of the screen, I hope by now you are already looking out for credible articles that can guide you in the making of a landing page. So, here’s something that I found useful.

Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below, which of these points did the convincing! 😉

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