Your First Montague Island Adventure: Amazing Things to Do and See

You might have never heard about Montague Island before, but this cute little island is just a boat ride from the New South Wales coast and the city of Narooma. This destination is perfect for all locals who want a change of scenery and tourists who want to explore the natural beauties of the country.

Montague Island is a nature reserve that offers plenty of exciting activities in a still uncrowded setting. So if you want to isolate yourself from the city crowd and have a quiet weekend, Montague is the place for you. All tourists on their first visit to the island have the following adventures to look forward to:

Time your visit

Before we get into all the fun things to do and see in Montague Island Reserve, you should know when to time your visit. Since most of the activities on the island are connected to the rich wildlife, do some research and see when the critters you want to see come out to play. For instance, if you want to watch seals, AKA sea puppies, play around, visit Montague in mid-spring. On the other hand, if you want to see penguins and whales, it’s best to visit the island in September. Shearwaters (long-winged seabirds) are nesting from October all through the summer, so this is the perfect time for all bird-watchers. And of course, warmer months of the summer are reserved for all water activities like diving, snorkeling and surfing.

Start with the island tour

Now, let’s get into all the fun things you can do in Montague Island Nature Reserve, and a good place to start with activities is to take an island tour. Your guided tour will take you all over the island and show you all the best attractions. And don’t worry about getting exhausted because the island is only 1.4 km long and 0.5 km wide. The tour is a light and relaxing walk in the sun and fresh air during which you’ll learn about the island, the Aboriginal people who used to inhabit it and the rich animal world ruling it today.

Hang out with cute penguins

You don’t have to travel to the South Pole to see wobbling penguins—they live right here in Australia as well. Montague is home to Little Blue Penguins, the smallest species of this bird. The population of these flightless cuties is on the rise thanks to conservation efforts of the local government, so you can see plenty of these little guys wobbling around and feeding their babies. For the best and most educational experience, look into famous Montague Island evening penguin tours and book one for you and your family and friends. Your guide will not only tell you all about Little Penguins but also show you other attractions and even help you spot whales.

Do some chill whale watching

Speaking about whales, Montague Island is a great place for watching these gentle giants. If you happen to find yourself on the island between May and November, book a whale-watching tour. From some of the best observation points on the island, you can catch a glimpse of playful whales. If you want to get closer, a boat tour is the best choice. Once the whales leave you, you can try your hand at fishing. Yellow-fin tuna, marlin and kingfish are frequent catches in these parts, but if you get to the reef, you might even hook a blue morwong or a snapper!

Do some underwater exploration

When in Australia, you simply have to do some underwater adventuring. In Montague, you can grab your snorkel and spend time playing with cute seals. As seals swim next to you and keep you company, you can enjoy all the magical underwater views of the reefs and watch colorful fish do their swift dances. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience perfect for all tourists, no matter their diving experience levels. As long as you can swim, you can dive under the surface and enjoy the marine world of Australia.  

Spend a night in the lighthouse cottage

Reserve your last night in Montague for some coziness, relaxation and luxury. Spend the night in a fully restored lighthouse cottage and wake up to the sounds of the ocean, seabirds and invigorating sunlight. If you’re traveling with your partner, this will be the pinnacle of travel romance you can surprise them with. The lighthouse right above you was built in 1881, and up to this day, it suffered only tiny damage and requires minimal renovation—it’s almost entirely authentic. The cottages, on the other hand, are modernized and equipped with a kitchen and a BBQ.

 If you’re an animal lover who loves long walks at the beach and watching playful animals enjoy their safe, natural habitat, then Montague is the place of your dreams. This year, visit this little natural paradise and spend a few unforgettable adventure-filled days on Montague Island! 

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