How Spending Time with Animals Can Actually Change Your Life

Every breakup is unique to the person whose heart is broken. But, the way to heal is the same for all of us. 

When a relationship ends, you start building up doubt, self-hate, loss of confidence, and despair. The one you believed to be your soulmate has betrayed you and now you are afraid you will be shunned by love forever. This is all normal and everyone has gone through this phase at least once. However, waiting for it to pass won’t help.

To get over a breakup, or any other emotional pain, you can’t do it alone. While it’s important to have human interactions, sometimes that can be too much to handle in such a delicate state. So, turn to animals instead by adopting a pet, visiting the zoo, going on a safari, or joining a humanitarian cause. Spending time with animals can actually change your life, not only treat heartache, so let’s talk about that more.     

Why having a pet is good for you

Cats and dogs are the most common pets in human homes, although you will notice on social media other kinds, like parrots, foxes, and raccoons. Having an animal as a companion can bring all sorts of good into your life, from better cardiovascular health to lower stress levels. With such a powerful effect, it’s no wonder people after an emotionally troubling period become pet parents. 

Pets are not cures for physical and mental conditions, but they can ease the symptoms and provide support to improve your well-being. In a way, they are a living antidepressant. For example, playing with your dog can boost your mood by stimulating the production of serotonin also known as the happiness hormone.  Having an animal companion provides you with closeness to another living being by touching, hugging, and other affectionate behavior that is calming and soothing.    

Animals give us a positive emotional impact

You don’t have to own a pet to experience benefits from animals. Even by looking at one the brain releases oxytocin into your bloodstream often called the love hormone. Its levels especially rise when you are in close contact with an animal through touch and petting. 

Talking to animals is also a great way to feel some of the positive emotional impact they can have. This is why you see pet owners addressing their animal friends as though they’re persons. It brings them the joy that someone is listening to them, can feel their mood, and provide selfless comfort. If you are an animal lover, then escape to places you can see amazing creatures and let them mend your broken heart.   

Spending Time with Animals

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Things to learn from animals

Animals don’t only provide comfort, but can also teach us some valuable lessons with their behavior. For example, a whale watching cruise is an excellent way to learn to accept that life is a journey. Whales are wanderers and travel to distant parts of the planet in search of something, but they always come back to the sea of their birth. After a long-term relationship, you may feel lost, however, just like whales, you may have traveled away from familiar ground and now it’s time to return to yourself.

Alternatively, you can look up to your cat and pamper yourself with massages and spa treatments, since our feline friends master self-care. Dogs can show you how you’re never old for playing and just having fun for the sake of feeling great. Alternatively, you can look up to your talking parrot and cat then pamper yourself with massages and spa treatments, since our feline friends master self-care.

Animals can inspire even from far away  

If traveling to nature is not an option, don’t let that stop you from experiencing the positive energy of animals. Wildlife photos are everywhere, from amateur to professional so you can access them through websites or social media. But the internet is not exclusive to wildlife pictures and you will find a lot of celebrity pets being cute, for example on TikTok and Instagram.

Those who are taking a break from social media will have fun on Pinterest, YouTube, and Google, but you can also forget the digital world and go analog. Hanging photos and other animal artwork in your home may be just what you need to feel better the moment you step into the room.    

Participation in wildlife well-being can give you purpose

Helping wildlife is not only the distraction you need but gratitude to nature for allowing you to share the planet with wonderful animals. Being able to give back to those who helped you move forward even on pictures, is fulfilling for the soul. Talk to the local officials on improving laws and regulations regarding the protection and conservation of wildlife

Some things you can do by yourself, like planting wildflowers and building shelter for bees, birds, and other pollinators. Turn to eco-friendly life as much as you can by not using chemicals that can poison wildlife and with recycling. This will give you purpose and realization that you matter in this world, as well as that your behavior enhanced and saved animal lives.     

Spending Time with Animals

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How helping animals can help you as well

Wildlife is not the only one that could use your help. Those who are left on the streets, at animal shelters, or hurting need you, too. Adopting a pet, becoming a foster parent, or volunteering with animal rescue groups are some of the options. 

When you lose a person who was your partner through good and bad, you feel out of place and like you don’t belong anywhere anymore. While you know that you define yourself, it’s hard to come to that conclusion when you are hurting. Animals can’t use the words to tell you that your handful of kibble may have saved their life, but they can show you appreciation through loving looks and closeness. That’s enough to spark the faith that happier days will come.  

Embrace the change

You were pushed out of your comfort zone and left to rediscover yourself again. Now that you know how spending time with animals can change your life, use it to pick yourself up and move on. When you doubt you are worthy of love, look at your pet’s eyes and find out what it means to be worshiped just the way you are. 


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